Friday, February 12, 2010

Fanatical Friday....

So, I had an epiphany last night while watching Thursday night television. Simply put, I am a fan of many things, and when I say fan, I don't mean "Gee, that's a good book or a great TV show" I mean, I am truly a fangirl. I realized this last night as I was watching Supernatural (a show by the way that I was only just introduced to by my lovely beta a couple months ago) and plotting in my head what should happen next and how upset I'll be if things don't turn out exactly as I want them to. Yes, I am that girl.

Which led me to the idea that I should dedicate a post to that which I truly love and am a fan of. The problem? There are so many things! So, instead of one post, I'm thinking this might need to be a weekly event. And, since anyone who really knows me knows that I huge on alliteration, it is only fair that the day should be Friday....hence the name :)

So, for the inaugural Fanatical Friday, I decided it is only fair that I rant about something writing related...I am a writer after all even if I'm not anywhere near published...

Here we go. Today's topic: WRITERS I LOVE TO HATE...ER HATE TO LOVE...

We all have them. Writers that when their new titles come out, we run, Hell bent for the stores and wrestle the newest copy away from the greedy paws of others like us. I personally have been one of those women with claws bared as someone had the nerve to try and swipe the new JD Robb out of my hands...the bitch. I showed her! :)

But, I also have another list...a darker that highlights those obnoxious people that have the temerity to write such amazing books that get me hooked...and then don't publish another for TWO more years! Of all the nerve!

So, here is my top five offenders if you will. I love them to pieces...but I also dislike them terribly (especially in my darkest hours).

1. Erica Spindler: Writer of the most suspenseful and romantic books out there. Her characters are real, flawed, and perfectly entertaining. Even though I've read so many of her books (well, all of them) that I always know who the killer is within the first few chapters, I still NEED her books as soon as they are out, and I read them as soon as I get them home from the store. Her newest effort, BLOOD VINES, comes out next month. I will definitely get it, but I also know that as soon as I finish it, I will have to wait another 2-3 years before she publishes another. BOO!

2. Cody McFadyen: My mother introduced me to this very talented writer two years ago with his first book SHADOWMAN. It was a fast-paced, edge of your seat, nail biter. And, I loved it instantly. His MC Smoky Barrett is a kick-ass FBI agent who has seen her fair share of tragedy, yet she is still a tough nut. She's not the usual, beautiful but tortured agent. She's short, average looking...or at least she was before she got sliced up by a short, she's my hero! And, yet, it took Cody 2 1/2 years to write his follow-up book (which didnt affect me too much seeing as how I only just discovered him). His latest novel has been out only a year, and of course, I read it first thing...sigh...How much longer must I wait, Cody?

3. LJ Smith: OK....I used to read her back in the day...and now with the resurgence of teen paranormal (AKA vampires) I have gravitated back toward her. Her last book was out last summer. Her website said that the newest installment of her Nightworld series was supposed to be out in August. Guess what people?!? It's still not out! What does a girl have to do to get some love, LJ?

4. Mary Higgins Clark: So maybe she doesnt take more than a year between novels...but hello? In my mind, she's the undisputed queen of modern mysteries, and even though she is getting up there in years, I really want to see more from her...I may be asking too much. ah well....

5. Stephenie Meyer: Yes, I am that girl. Yes, I did love the TWILIGHT saga....BUT, I am not hopelessly pining for her to finish MIDNIGHT SUN. I just want something. And, since my favorite of her books was not the vamps but the aliens...yay for THE HOST, I really want to see her come out with something called THE SOUL (AKA THE HOST part 2)...Come on Steph! It's been two years since your silver little parasites took control of planet Earth and captured my interest! Don't leave us hanging! PLEASE!!!! that is my fangirl rant for this Friday afternoon. I'm interested to hear what you all have to say. What are your fandom-related monologues?

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