Monday, March 1, 2010

February Reading List

It is that time again. Yes, another month has come and gone. My how time flies when you're riding the query train!

Why, hello March! And so, I must say goodbye to February. Month of love, groundhogs, black history, presidents, Fat Tues, Ash Weds (and of course Lent for all you fellow Catholics out there), and the Olympics (Yay!!). Surprisingly enough, somewhere in the midst of all this, I actually found time to read. My characters did suffer a little because of it, but I digress.

Here is the list for February. Hope you find something on there that catches your interest!

  • Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris
  • Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris
  • An Ice Cold Grave by (who else?) Charlaine Harris....okay. I love the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Not so much the Lily Bard or Aurora Teagarden mysteries. So, I have been hemming and hawing for the past year on whether to read these. One word: GREAT! Admittedly not as wonderful as Sookie, but what is cooler than a woman who was hit by lightning as a teen only to now possess the ability to find dead bodies AND relive their last moments? Cool concept + weird characters = rousing good mystery. Sidenote: there is a slight ick factor in An Ice Cold Grave that will undoubtably carry over to Grave Secret so beware.
  • Cold-Hearted by Beverly Barton
  • Crisis by Robin Cook
  • Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard...don't let the title fool you. This is a great novel with a little romance, a little mystery, and a whole lot of the whole 'Secrets & Lies' small town mojo. Beautifully written, and I definitely did not guess the 'Virgin's' identity. Always a plus!
  • The Good Children by Kate Wilhelm...a tearjerker. More YA literary than adult which is what it was marketed as, this is a very quick read. You will have it done in a handful of hours and end it shaking your head and wondering if you'd have done the same as these very 'good children'.
  • Kindred in Death by JD Robb...Can you tell yet that I love me some series books? This is like the 30th in her 'In Death' series, and it's just as riveting as the first. If you love a good mystery with lots of romance peppered in, you must go out and get Naked In Death (the first) and work your way up from there. You'll be so glad you did!
  • The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice....Yes, I have read this before. And, yes, I will most likely read it again. This happens to be one of my top 5 all time faves. Anne Rice is the undisputed queen of vamp lit. I dare anyone to disagree!!
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen...Yes, another all-time fave. And again, yes, it will be read again. The greatest romance of all time, in my humble opinion. I used to picture myself as Miss Elizabeth and dream of winning the dashing Mr. Darcy....sigh...Need I say more?
  • The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall by LJ Smith...not as great as the first books that I'd read back in the day (like high school...more than a decade ago), but not too bad either.
  • Retribution by Jilliane Hoffman
  • Last Witness by Jilliane Hoffman
  • Plea of Insanity by Jilliane Hoffman....these three are quite possibly the best legal thrillers I've read since I read The Client by John Grisham. If you love courtroom drama, you must read them! Sidenote: they should be read in the order that I have them listed. Each contains spoilers about the previous one. Don't make the same mistake I did! lol

Okay, so how is it that the shortest month (and the busiest, what with the Olympics going on and my discovering twitter) has me reading SOOOO much more than Januray? No wonder my characters have suffered so greatly! lol

So, how about you all? Any good reads you want to share? I'm always interested in expanding my reading horizon!

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