Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teasing this week is so nice, I just had to do it TWICE!!!

Why, you may ask. Simple. I've been wanting to tease from my shiny new WIP for the last couple weeks, but the response from last week's THE UNKNOWN tease was so overwhelming, I couldn't let my readers (all 18 of you!) down. So, I was torn. Ultimately, I was like WTH? I can do both...can't I? Well, I'm going to, etiquette be damned! lol

So, here is the tease from my WIP, tentatively titled THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (only because my beta nixed the original THE FABLED FELIX FINDERSNOOP FINDS A FABULOUS, IF FICKLE, FRIEND...IN FRANCE. I really don't know why.)


****Snip, snip! Thanks! You guys are AWESOME!!!****


  1. Hot guy alert! Hot guy alet! I just love a man with a scar! :D

    I like meeting what I assume will be the LI for the first time--fun! Plus, loved this bit:

    "unrepentant grin riding his lips. “


  2. OMG can I haz Mr. St. Croix??!?!?! he likes him---LOTS!!

    Love how you discribed him, esp: sooty waves. Nice!! and very orginal.

  3. Excuse me while I

    SWOON from my seat.

  4. Nice description of the dude. :D <33 Loved this - "runs a hand through his non-existent mane once more." Awesome teaser!!

  5. Love the description of the nervous teacher... nervous teachers are always such fun.

    Also, add me to the swoon list. :)

  6. Ahahah I love this. The scar...and my long, will it be backwards, tangent.
    Gimme more Simon/Simone action now please!

  7. Great description of your average classroom with your very average fretting teacher - oh and chicks dig scars :p

  8. Hotness! Why can't there be more guys like that around?! Haha. Great teaser!

  9. Not really a fan of books like this, the whole hot guy walks in, stuns female MC, destined to be together kinda thing, but this was a nice teaser still :D

  10. Thanks for all your comments guys! You all rock!!


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