Thursday, March 4, 2010

Writers as Artists...My take on this week's debate.

So, the ever inspiring Cory Jackson has this blog series going where she and nine other bloggers each read a writing guide and then dissect one topic. It will happen every Thursday this month. I highly recommend that you check out their blogs (listed at the end of this rambling).

This week’s topic: Writers as Artists: How do you define yourself as a writer? Are genre writers artists?

To be honest, I've always considered writing to be one the most beautiful forms of art out there, and I don't just say this because I consider myself--unpublished as I may be--a writer. I really don't consider myself an artist...

BUT, look at all the amazing novels out there. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen. OF MICE AND MEN by John Steinbeck. THE GOOD EARTH by Pearl S Buck. Can you honestly tell me that these are not truly beautiful works of 'art'?

Yes, opinions can and do vary from time to time. One man's GREAT EXPECTATIONS may be another man's TWILIGHT. Or, you may not enjoy any of the novels I have thrown out there. Does that make them any less amazing?


Art is art is art is...writing. And, it is all completely subjective.

So this is my take on the whole is writing art thing and how I see myself as a writer. In short, writing is art. We create, and that makes us artists. However, I really don't tell people that I'm an artist. I tell them that I'm a writer, damn it, and that's how I like to be thought of. :)

Onto the third part. Whew, Cory! This question is more detailed that I thought!

Genre writers. Are they artists? Simply put: YES. Do they not write? Why must the "mainstream/literary" writers only get that title? I myself believe whole-heartedly that Dean Koontz and Stephen King are the epitome of writing artistry. They are genre writers. And what about Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer, and PC Cast? Just because they write about vamps, does that make them any less artistic? Hell to the NO!! Genre writing just means that you focus all your writerly talent on a specific area. In many ways, I think it's more difficult. In others, it's much more freeing.

So, there you have it! My ranting monologue on this week's topic of conversation. Now, aren't you so glad you asked for it Cory? (FYI: I am so competitive, so I will continue this rant until I win, damn it!! LOL)

Oh, and here are the main bloggers. Stop by and check them out! You will so glad you did! :)

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  1. Great post, Karla! Thanks for playing along. I agree that "we create so we are artists." A genre work takes just as much sweat, tears and blood to create. I don't think every novel is high quality, but then neither is every painting.

  2. I love how you used the example of "one person's Great Expectations is another person's Twilight..." It made me think of this debate I have with my husband over paintings. I tend to like whatever I like, no matter how commercial it is. If it makes me feel, I like it (usually it's if it makes me feel good). It's the same with books for me.

  3. Great Post!!!! I agree that writing is an art. That said like you I won't be calling myself an artist, because I get enough EYE rolls when I say I write YA LOL don't need to add an extra eye roll at the whole I'm an artist.


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