Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Reading...Happened So Fast

Why yes, I am channeling my inner Olivia Newton John. Now, where, oh where, is my John Travolta look-alike singing partner? *sigh* Guess, I'm going to just have to fly solo for this song :(

This summer has rocketed by so fast that I didn't realize until just this weekend as I was finishing up the last book on my August list that I didn't post my July reading list. Gasp! The horror! How could I be so neglectful of my followers?!?! I know you all balance precariously on pins and needles each month just so you can find out what I read to fill the empty spaces in my world ;)

Admit it. You live for these lists. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me! Ahem. Alright. Enough fooling around. Down to business.


  • SIZZLING SIXTEEN by Janet Evanovich
  • BREATHLESS by Dean Koontz...Okay. I am admittedly a Koontz fangirl, but there have been some of his books that I haven't cared for in the past. While this is not his worst work, I can't say as it's his best. A decent enough plot line that kept my interest piqued, but it was more staid than his usual nail-biters. If you haven't read anything by Mr. Koontz before, this is not the one to use as your introduction into his world.

  • HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins...Sheer genius!! I won't say any more here as I've already ranted...well, more like RAVED about this book in an earlier blog post.

  • CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins...Same as the above. LOVED this book. Just as brilliant as HG but I have to say that HG was my favorite of the trilogy.

  • THE SOCIETY OF S by Susan Hubbard...The cover said that fans of TWILIGHT will love this. NOT TRUE! Decent enough storyline with a unique take on vampires but a little slow and dry in spots. Not something I would recommend if you are only a Twi-fan but if you enjoy variety in your TBR list, you might be interested.


  • THE PASSAGE by Justin Cronin...see earlier blog post for review

  • MOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins...My least favorite of the HUNGER GAMES trilogy. That said, it made me think for a long time after the final sentence. There were many things that I did not like about it, but there were also many things that I did. While not a completely satisfying end to the HG series, it was real and true to life.

  • HEART OF A WARRIOR by Johanna Lindsey...Decent romance....a somewhat sci-fi take on the tried and true historical category. Stellar world-building and just a fun read!

  • NUMB by Sean Ferrell...see earlier blog post where I threaten to stalk the author and beat him up just so I can steal his amazing writing skills ;)

  • THE OTHER TWIN by Hunter Morgan...A fast-paced suspense. I figured out who the killer was right off the bat, but other than the obviousness of the villain, it was still a decent plot.


  1. read HG! I own them, just haven't gotten to them yet.

  2. I still haven't finished Mockingjay and to be honest I don't know if I will. It sure did not grip me the way HG did. Plus it is not moving in the direction I expected. I am trying to finish it up but having a hard time with it. I will stay steady on the course and let you know what I think as soon as I am done.

  3. Society of S, forgot I read that! ... Which goes to show how memorable it was. Heh

  4. Love your template!
    Yes-- I have heard about The Passage from another YA-HWY'er. Sounds really cool, thanks for the rec.

  5. I read a lot of those book.

    Nice choices.

  6. Annie: Read them! You will love them!

    Kelly: Same here. MJ was my least fave of the trio, but still a decent read.

    Ellen: Yeah, it definitely didn't leave me wanting more. That's for sure :)

    KO: Thanks! It was a really good, and inventive story. I did review of it further down. (hint, hint)

    Erinn: Thanks! Great minds think alike, huh?

  7. I just posted on how I liked Catching Fire the best of the trilogy on the Road Trip Wednesday.

    Thanks for posting your reading lists, now I have so many more to add to my pile! <sigh?

  8. Ooh I might have to Goodreads a few of your selections...and then maybe buy them? *pleads with bank account*

    PS. I'll try and find you a John Travolta look-alike and send him your way. You know, strictly for singing purposes... *shifty eyes* ;)

  9. Angelica: CATCHING FIRE was great, but I still give the top prize to HUNGER GAMES...but really, they're all great :)

    Caitlin: Not to be demanding but Grease/Saturday Night Fever John Travolta...not Hairspray John Travolta...please. Because, well, you know he's a better singer in those first two...a better singer, yeah, that sounds good ;)


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