Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Five: Contest Edition!!!

I have done many things in my short but colorful blogging career. Teaser Tuesday? Check. Road-Trip Wednesday? Check. Book Reviews? Double check (double because I recently had the opportunity to do a couple of ARCs. Yay!). Hey, I've even done some Monday Funday posts where you all have gotten a glimpse into my crazy family and the Neighbor Man (who is oodles of fun BTW).

But, there is one thing I haven't done yet. You guessed it! A CONTEST!!!

So, starting today (and every Friday from now until...well, I run out of ideas, things to give away, or some combination of the two), I will be doing what I like to call Friday Five. It will be a list (because as we all know by now, I am a compulsive list-maker and any chance I have to make a list, I jump at it with claws extended) of...well, anything I so choose. And every OTHER Friday, one lucky minion will be chosen to receive the spoils of the contest!

Yay!! I love giving away things...Okay, so before we go any further. Let me repeat. Contest on odd Fridays and winners chosen on even Fridays. Sound good to you guys? Ok. Let the games begin!!!

Five YA Books That Inspire Me to be a Better Writer

1. WINTERGIRLS by Laurie Halse Anderson...Death, eating-disorders, and the bonds of friendship. Ms. Anderson weaves the most beautiful prose into oftimes gritty subject matter that leaves the reader misty-eyed, appalled, and most importantly, that much more aware of the harshness of reality. Her words flow like water, music to my literary soul.

2. BREAK by Hannah Moskowitz...A short, fast read that really packs a punch. For me, BREAK is not just a commentary on how self-injury/mutilation is never the answer to your problems. BREAK speaks about the ties of fraternal love. Jesse (the supporting lead) is the standout here. I loved him instantly, so much more than Jonah (who I loved too, BTW) The dialogue was real and honest. I cannot wait for her next book to come out :)

3. LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green...By far my favorite of all the Green books, LFA is the kind of story lifts you up even during the hard times that Pudge and his friends go through. The story-building was stellar and the climax was a huge shock to me. It says something when a book surprises me the way LFA did.

4. THIRTEEN REASONS WHY by Jay Asher...Suicide. Need I say more? This was a fresh, wholly original take on the whole "She died and I don't know why" story. Told in alternating views, the main storyline lasts over one night as Clay listens to the "suicide note" (cassette tapes mailed to him anonymously) of Hannah Baker who narrates a haunting account of her "Reasons Why" she killed herself.

5. IF I STAY by Gayle Forman...An achingly beautiful story about life, death, and music. There really are no words to describe how haunting this tale is. All I can say is that it, like the others listed before it are MUST reads.


Now that I've told you all about the books that inspire me to greatness, I'd like to hear from you! For each thing you do on the following list, your name will be put into jar that many # of times. Here we go:
+1 comment with the book(s) that inspire you most
+1 if you follow me (+1 more if you already follow me)
+1 if you follow me on Twitter (+1 more if already cyber stalk me)
+2 if you tweet about this contest to your friends
+3 if you blog about this contest, giving your Top Five Books (please paste your address in the comment so I can read it!)
+1 if you do the math for me (yeah, I'm lazy)

And that chances you have to win.


One lucky winner will receive one of the books I mentioned in my FRIDAY FIVE list (winner's choice). And as a special added incentive, if the winner happened to blog about the contest and gave their own Top Five list, I will also throw in one of their top five books so that they can have their own giveaway! How fun is that?!?!

Ok, friends. Contest starts now, and ends next Thursday, September 29, 2010. The winner will be announced on next week's FRIDAY FIVE. Good luck and may the best (er...randomly chosen) blogger win!

***No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. See Official Rules for details. hehehe! I always wanted to say that!!!


  1. Yaaaay contest! These all sound like incredible books! The most inspiring books I've read are The Hunger Games (ahhh Suzanne Collins I want to be you!!) and anything by Meg Cabot. She is a goddess.

    Ok, so, I'm:

    +1 for commenting
    +2 for following you old-style
    +2 for already cyberstalking you on Twitter
    +1 for the math :P
    = 6 entries :D (is it open internationally? If not, ignore this...)

  2. Caitlin: **consults Official Rule Book...gets several paper cuts in process...finds correct page...squints at fine print** Yes! This contest is open internationally. good luck :)

  3. OK, sign me up. Just clone the 6 points for Caitlyn for me... I've done the same.

    Inspiring books... Have you read The Shack? Loved it.

  4. let's see. i have to agree with IF I STAY by gayle forman. simply stunning. and man, i needed a whole box of tissues.

    HUNGER GAMES by suzanne collins. pacing. character development. world building.

    HARRY POTTER (all 7) by JK Rowling. character development. continuity. world building. MAGIC.

    INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER by julie halpern. voice. reality. humor.

    THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by jandy nelson. words as poetry. voice. poetry as words. man, goregous!

    and now, let math class begin:

    +1 for commenting
    +2 for following you old-style
    +2 for already cyberstalking you on Twitter
    +2 for tweeting this contest
    +1 for the math (math is hard)
    = 8 entries

  5. Ooh, Karla!
    This is so awesome. I love your list and I have my eyes on a couple of them *eyes*

    +1 Book that inspires me the most: Before I Die by Jenny Downham. Everything about that book screams PERFECT.
    +2 I already follow you.
    +1 I follow you on twitter (@bee_muses)
    +2 I tweeted (
    +3 I blogged with my fave books (
    +1 Adding up!

    Total = 10!

    I want this SO bad :)

  6. Awesome contest!

    + 1: The book that inspired me is DEFINITELY Speak!

    +2: already following you

    +2: already "cyber stalking" you ;_

    +2: Tweeted about it

    +1: for the math :D

    = 8 entries! YAY!

    email: kcalalang36 at yahoo dot com

    I hope I win! I'm eying Break hehehe

  7. I am so ashamed that I missed this wonderful contest. So okay, I was a little busy, with the hubs last night, but that is no excuse. I know, nothing short of death will work with you and I did think about faking my own, but I can't stay away from twitter long enough for you to buy that. But then I realized that you will be having more contests, so I was a little better about it. But you could send me a book just because. I am a good blogger friend. Just sayin.


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