Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aw...TEASE :)

Ah...love is in the air...still.  Wait!  Who is this person writing this blog post?  It can't be Karlie...she's not a sappy, romantic person.  Well, not to worry, minions.  I don't plan on letting Mia enjoy herself for too much longer ;)

So...enjoy it while it lasts!

**snip! snip!***

Alright friends, now that we've had our fun together, head over to Kelly Breakey's blog for the third installment of FUN AND GAMES WITH K & K.  And, I'll see you back here on Thursday actually TOMORROW where I'll dazzle (er...maybe not) you with my own snip.  Yes, I know it's supposed to be posted on Thursday, but this week is also Book Hungry's review day.  Don't miss out on that fun :)


  1. *fans self* Whew! Forget the tragic stuff for a while--let's just stay with this. ;)

  2. what linda said.

    *sits over here fanning self.*

  3. Thanks for reading guys! You all rock :)


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