Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Five: Random

So, a lot has happened since the last Friday Five, which was like TWO weeks ago...maybe'm too lazy right now to actually go check so we'll ASSUME it was two weeks ago. And, we all know what happens when we ASSUME things.  Plus any reason I can come up with to say ASS...UME, well, that's just gravy.  :)  Also, shit.  LOVE that word....

and FRIGID.  I can't get enough of that one.

Hey, I didn't put the word RANDOM in the post title for nothing today.  Oh, did you think that this here was one of them there trick blog posts?  Well it's not.  So, here we go with:


1.  Epic almost-dog fight (with a raccoon) that freaked the daylights (this happened at night, so well, it wasn't hard to freak the daylights out of me. heheh).  Don't worry all.  Scooter is fine.  Nary a scratch.  Mostly, it just spooked us both.  Still, we high-tailed it to the emergency vet just to make sure, because even though I couldn't find any open wounds on him, what's to say it wasn't a little nick, like in Cujo?  Vet pronounced him whole and healthy, while emptying my pockets.

2.  Fun & Games took on a life of its own and basically morphed into a writing extravaganza, that I still have not fully recovered from.  You can find Kelly's bonus snip on her blog today.  Click here.  Do it. DO ITTTT!!

3.  Little old me got a blog award!  Yay, I'm stylish.  Look at how pretty and shiny.  A ginormous thanks to Crazy Writer Girl for bestowing this honor upon me.  I'll do a post on that soon. :)

4.  I had a bit of a pity party at the end of last week.  It was a touch embarrassing, but I've rebounded, people.  I'm outlining a New (well, new to me NOW, since this SNI was trunked months ago) project and will be going on with my bad self very, very soon :)

5.  I now have in my hot little hands, Just Dance! 2.  So excited about the Just Dance!-a-thon my friends and I have scheduled for tonight.  It'll be CRAY-ZEE

What about you, peeps?  Anything fun and/or random happen with you lately?  Please share in the comments, and then don't forget to hop on over to Kelly's blog today for some more Harper/Grace/Owen/Truman/Lucky action :)


  1. Randomness?

    I blew up a test environment at work last night. Still not sure what I did. All I know is it shut down and wouldn't come back up. The good news is, they let me into the building today, so I guess I still work here.

    2) Dancing my butt off with my Kinect zumba game and managed to gain 2 lbs. *sighs*

    3) Am trying to design a website. Not fun.

    When Fun & Games is over, you two need to pitch that book.

  2. Nothing empties your wallet like a trip to the vet. Man. It's unbelievable. We had to have one of those plastic collars put on our dog once, so she wouldn't rip out stitches. $37 they charged for that thing. THIRTY-SEVEN. It's a piece of PLASTIC!! How in God's name does it cost 37 bucks?!

    Fun or random? Hmmm. Let me think.

    Does painting my bathroom strawberry-ice-cream pink count? That was fun.


  3. Eek! No random dog/raccoon fights here, thank goodness. Not much of anything, really. Oh, well. Sometimes no excitement is the best thing you can hope for.

  4. Patty: I saw that on Twitter. Argh...I hate it when things just seem to blow up in my face when everything seems to be okay.

    KLM: I had that same thing happen to me! the vet tried to charge me $22 for one of those neck collar things. I went home and made my own. er...for the dog, not me. And ice cream pink bathroom? NICE

    Linda: Yes, I am hoping that this coming week is relatively tame in comparison.

  5. I had something all pithy to say about the randomness of your post but then read you comment about the plastic collar and now I cannot get the picture of you walking around with one of those on. You could make a new fasion statement. Call it Scooter-Chic!


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