Monday, January 3, 2011

Out with the Old and In with the NEW...

Happy New Year all!  Yes, yes.  I know that today is the THIRD and this post should have been published on the FIRST. But, hey, this is how I roll.  Always a day late and...well, I can't say that I'm a dollar short.  More like 68,471 dollars short.  Why that amount? Hell, I don't know!  Now, you're just asking way too much of me for a Monday morning.

Anywho, I've gone way off base with that rant.  Now, I shall regale you all with how I fared on making my 2010 wishes/dreams/resolutions come true.  Yay!!

1.  Finish the first draft of BROKEN.  Many of you minions may remember that little old novel.  And, YES, I did finish the first draft of BROKEN.  Sadly though, that's all I did with it.  Once done, the novel was thrown into a drawer and forgotten.  *shrugs* It happens sometimes :)

2.  Nab an agent.  Well, that didn't work out, now did it? LOL  But, never fear, minions.  I'm working hard on rectifying that situation. And, yes, when I finally do nab an agent, he/she will definitely have a fiery personality, hence the cautionary signage :)

3.  Post to my shiny (not so new anymore) blog once a week.  YES!!!!! I have been rambling so much to you fine folks this past year that I'm sure some of you are sick of me.  Well, I hope not ;)  This year has seen my blog grow and evolve from just posting Teaser Tuesdays to include book reviews, contests, book club posts, Monday Fundays, Road-Trip Wednesdays, Theme Thursdays, Friday Fives, and even a joint writing venture with one of my Twitter pals.  Yes, friends.  I've been a busy blogger.

4.  Obtain championship level on Wii Ski Jump.  Hell, I've well surpassed that.  LONG LONG time ago.  I've since plowed through the entire Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Just Dance, and have now gotten Just Dance TWO!!  So excited for that!

5.  Write two more novels after finishing BROKEN.  BROKEN's first draft was completed mid-January.  After that, I began A SLIVER OF HOPE in mid-April and finished it mid-May.  Next, I commenced work on ALWAYS AND FOREVER in September and completed it late November. 

6.  Read 100 books this year.  Okay, here's the run-down of my year's reading:
January: 5   February: 14  March: 10  April: 6  May: 10  June: 10  July: 5  August: 5  September: 10  October: 9  November: 4 (sad, I know)  December: 5    
That's 93 printed books for the year.  A little short.  HOWEVER.  I did "read" 3 audiobooks and I beta read 7 full manuscripts (and 3 partials).  So, if you count all that, I actually completed 103 books!  Yeah, I'm a cheater.  I know.  But, what are you going to do? *shrugs*

So, that's it for status of my 2010 goals, folks.  Did you obtain yours, or are they going to flow over to this year's list?  Yeah, I know, I haven't regaled you all with my 2011 list, but I haven't made one yet.  Maybe work on my procrastinating should be one?  Eh...I'll think about it tomorrow :)


  1. you had an incredibly productive 2010. i bow down to you.

    here's to 2011 and even more resolutions!

  2. So what are you going to do this year?

  3. Wow! You did great!

    I achieved every single thing I resolved to do in 2010. (Okay, okay. I didn't actually resolve to do anything, so it was easy to achieve.)

  4. Abby: thanks! I'm just good at making it seem like I did stuff ;)

    Kelly: I guess you'll just have to wait for the Friday Five blog post, now won't you? :)

    Linda: That is sheer genius! Note to self: Make only one resolution this year...not to make any resolutions. I'll definitely be able to meet that goal ;)

    Chanelle: Yeah, I'm working on the list now...better late than never, right?


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