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What's in the box? What's in the box?  I've always wanted to say that in a blog post, and well, since this is the SEVENTH week of Fun and Games with K & K, what better way to celebrate than with a Brad Pitt (back when he was super hot and gritty and bad boy-ish) character quote?  But, I digress.

On with the show.  If you didn't catch Kelly's snip on Tuesday, click here.  But, what am I saying?  You already read it.  Right? RIGHT?!?!  ah...anywho.  Here we go with my stance on the matter of Harper and Grace and Owen and Lucky...and who could forget Truman?


She said yes. After filtering it through the giddy haze of his brain, rolling it over and over, moving it from side to side, and turning it inside out all day long, the words still added up to the same thing. Harper said yes. Not once, but twice. Now that all was said and done and he was getting ready to pick her up, he could admit to himself that earlier he’d been absolutely certain that Harper would back out of their plans.

The haunted look on her face, the way her whole body had jerked in barely contained horror when he’d called out to her in the parking lot, and then the way she’d melted into the side of the car, holding the door in front of her like a bright pink, metal shield had plagued him all day. Yeah, Haas had definitely done something to her, and now, she looked at him as if he were the enemy, not to ever be trusted again.

But, still she’d shoved all that aside and said no when he’d asked if she wanted to bail on him tonight. He’d given her the opening, and as much as it would’ve killed him to accept her rejection, he would’ve taken it. Hell, he would take anything she dished out just then if it would’ve erased that petrified, bone-deep fear from her glass green eyes. He never wanted to see that look again.

None of that mattered now. She’d said yes. Nodded and smiled, although it was forced and didn’t even look like the kind of smiles Harp had bestowed upon him before all this shit went down.

After Grace pulled herself away from his obnoxious brother, Harper had slid into the car, promising to be ready at seven. And, he was riding the wave of supreme satisfaction. Lucky had grilled him the moment he’d climbed into the truck, but nothing could keep the goofy grin from sliding into place on his face.

She’d said yes.

Now, shower done, hair finger-combed into somewhat less of a mess than it normally was, he grabbed his wallet and slipped out of his bedroom. Passing by his twin’s room, he rapped once, not even breaking stride. “I’m going to pick up Harper, Luck. I’ll be back in time for you to leave. Make sure the kids don’t burn the house down,” he called over his shoulder.

The door flew open, Lucky’s head popping out into the hallway. “Take your time,” he said, his voice sounding oddly hollow. “I’m gonna stay in tonight.”

Grinding to a halt just as he was about to descend the stairs, he whirled around and pinned his brother with a disbelieving look. “You? Not going out? I thought you said there was an epic party tonight? You know, the one to beat all parties?”

His shoulders lifted in a casual shrug, brushing off the question, but his eyes told a different story. Ever since they’d left the girls at the mall this afternoon, Lucky hadn’t been his normal idiot self. In fact, he’d spent the better part of the afternoon holed up in his room, listening to depressing acoustic music. The kind that he only ever listened to one other time that Owen could recall: the night his brother had caught Jill Baker hooking up with the captain of the football team. Lucky had come home with a black eye and a broken nose after fighting the athlete, but his heart had been even more damaged.

Yep, his brother had it bad. And for Harper’s friend. Like he needed anymore obstacles right then. As always, Lucky could ruin Owen’s plans even when the boy wasn’t making an effort.

“Whatever.” Owen turned back around, not sure how to deal with his brother and thus deciding on the ignore it and maybe it’ll go away tactic. He jingled his keys in the air as he trampled down the stairs. “I’ll be back in few.”

The ride to Harper’s house passed by in a blink. Nervousness and excitement skittered through him as he hopped out of the truck and bounded up the walk. His steps faltered when the front door opened and Harper wasn’t there to meet him. Cold fear flooded his senses, stopping him a few yards from the door.

Harper’s radiant smile attacked him, throwing him through a loop since it was coming not from her but her older brother. At least, Owen assumed he was her brother. He had her same coloring and remarkable eyes. And, of course, that smile, which didn’t have quite the same effect on him as it did coming from Harper. Really, that was a good thing.

“Harpy’s almost ready,” he said, leaning against the doorframe in a deceptively calm and friendly manner.

“No problem.” Owen tried to act cool and casual, but that was kind of hard to do when he was being held hostage by the other boy’s close scrutiny. “You’re…uh…Truman. Right?”

“Hmm,” he nodded, crossed his arms over his chest. A moment of tense silent passed as Tru assessed Owen. Granted, he was just ragging on the boy, but being the older brother did have certain advantages, and Owen was just making it just too easy. He shook his head slowly, scowl darkening his face. “And, where are you taking my sister tonight?”

“Well…uh…” he shifted uneasily, head bowing forward, bracing himself for the explosion that was likely to come next. “We’re…uh…just going to—“

“Hey, sorry to make you wait.” Harper chose that moment to materialize in the doorway, and if her brother wasn’t still standing between them, Owen would’ve leaped forward and kissed her feet, so grateful was he for the interruption.

“No problem,” Both boys said at the same time.

“Owen and I were just talking. You know. Guy stuff,” Truman said easily, innocent look plastered across his face.

Harper glanced at Owen and then turned suspicious eyes on her brother. “I’ll bet. Okay, I’m just going over to Owen’s for a couple hours. Don’t forget you told Grace 7:30.”

He rolled his eyes. “Thanks. I almost forgot.”

Her arm shot out, fist connecting with his shoulder in a lightning-fast jab. “Don’t you make her wait, Truman. She’s my best friend and I’ll—“

“I know. I know,” he grumbled, rubbing at his shoulder. “And, ow, Harper. You’re like Mike Tyson when you decide to throw punches, you know that?”

Harper just grinned. Owen felt his own lips tipping up at the corners.

“Where are you taking her?” She pressed.

Truman shrugged. “Just a party. You remember Aaron Leeland, right? He went to Briarcliff with me. His brother is having a party tonight. I figured Gracie would like that. If not…” he shrugged again.

Owen listened to their exchange, not wanting to intrude, but the gears in his mind began turning the minute Truman uttered the words party and Briarcliff. As the two continued bickering about date etiquette, especially when that date involved Harper’s BFF, he slipped his cell phone out of his pocket and keyed in a quick message to his twin.

Dude, get your ass in gear, he wrote. You’re going to a party tonight.

There. That’d get his lovesick brother out of the house, and even though he was watching his younger brother and sister until his mom got off work, with Lucky gone, it’d be like he and Harper would be alone. Score.

Alright, friends.  Do Kelly and I still have your undivided attention?  Well, now it's up to her to keep it :)  Oh, and just because I KNOW you're now looking for a Brad Pitt fix...


  1. Yeah, I'm still hooked! Can't wait to see what happens on this babysitting date. :)

  2. Yeah, I am still hooked to. I think the hiatus over Xmas was actually a good thing. Now I am off to finish my scene on Grace and Truman's date. Hmmm? I wonder what's gonna happen?

  3. i have to admit, after the whole "remember truman" introduction, i thought the beginning was all about truman, so yes, i had to go back and re-read.

    karla, you've set up the collision course at the party nicely. let's see where kelly takes us, i mean, them. :)


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