Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is Old is New Again...

As many of you know, I finished ALWAYS AND FOREVER a little bit ago, and am currently without a project to call my own.

That is until now.  Yes, friends.  I've found my newest victims....well, or should I say old characters that knocked on the door to my creative center, invited themselves in for coffee, and promptly set up shop.  Yep.  I rescued one of my old WIPs from the back a particularly over-full desk drawer, dusted the cobwebs off of it and am now in the process of giving it a major over-haul.

So, with any luck, I will be finishing it this time around.  **fingers crossed!**

Oh, and no, you don't get to know which one it is...just yet...it's going to be a surprise :)  Until then, happy reading and writing, everyone :)

PS...WOW. this is perhaps the shortest blog post I've ever done.  EVER!


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