Friday, February 11, 2011

This Friday Five Brought to You by the Letter W

Writing, that is.  As we all know (I hope) by now, I am a writer.  Not published, but still a writer.  Anywho, I see a lot of my fellow bloggers and twitterati lamenting things such as Writer's Block, the special hell that is Revision, and of course, the never-ending, oft-times frustrating Query-Go-Round. 

Which brings me to this week's Friday Five topic:

Five Writing-Related Sites that I Frequent

  • Allison Brennan.  If you have not exposed yourself (hehehe. exposed yourself hehehe) to this amazing woman's writing yet, you must go out an get...well, any one of her books.  My faves are the Kincaid books (i.e. SPEAK NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, FEAR NO EVIL, LOVE ME TO DEATH and the soon-to-be-released KISS ME KILL ME)  Really, I love all her books.  They're chock full of suspense, killing sprees and the ensuing manhunt involved, and of course, a heaping side of romance.  Plus, Allison is big into giving all sorts of advice on the writing and querying process.  It doesn't matter what genre you write in, her words of wisdom shall help you through it.  I know it has for me.
  • Nathan Bransford.  I know. I know.  He's no-longer super agent to the masses, but he still blogs about all the great stuff we've come to expect from him, including contests where the winning peep gets query/manuscript critiques from other uber-agents, query advice, page critiques, and his weekly 'This Week In Publishing' posts.  If you don't know him, well, you must be living under a rock. I'm just saying.
  • Confessions from Suite 500.  This site is maintained primarily by Suzie Townsend, Meredith Barnes, and Joanna Volpe.  Each visit is a new and exciting experience filled with book reviews, agenty advice, cute dog pics, contests, and news about much-anticipated upcoming releases.  DIVERGENT or INVINCIBLE SUMMER anyone?  Yeah, I know.  I can't wait for either of them, myself.  Hint. Hint...if anyone has an ARC, I'd love to review it.  If not...*shrugs* I'll just have to wait like everyone else. *sigh*
  • Crazy Writer Girl.  I love Alyson.  A new intern for Pande Literary, she is pure AWESOMESAUCE.  She's always offering little tidbits of advice regarding querying as well as putting up frequently posts that help take the mystery out of the whole "What do Agents want?" question we writers keep beating ourselves up with.  Check her out, people!
  • Query Shark.  Need some query help? Brave enough to dive into the deep dark depths of this sharkly creature's preferred swimming ground?  Then, hop on over and take a swim.  If you're a little nervous about jumping in the deep end, just throw on some water wings, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and leap.  You'll be glad you did.
Okay, minions.  Before you all high-tail it over to any of these fantabulous sites, scroll down for the WINNER of last week's Friday Five contest.

wait for it....

wait for it...


Angelica, email me at lastword0524(at)yahoo(dot)com to claim your prize. 

For all those of you who entered but didn't win, don't be sad.  I will have more contests coming up.  Those of you who didn't enter and didn't win, well, you have to enter.  Duh. 

That's it for me this week, folks.  Karla/Karlie/LastWord0524 over and out.


  1. i too have really been enjoying alyson's blog posts about querying and the like!

    happy friday!

  2. Your web site is so bad for me! You always make such good book recommendations, and my TBR pile is already too high. In spite of this, I just started the first Eve Dallas book, and am loving it so far. Aaaah, Roarke... ;)

  3. Woo hoo! Thank you and sorry for my tardiness!


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