Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five: Four Books Plus One Really BIG Contest

It's no secret that I've been doing a lot of ARC reviews lately.  But, in going through my lists, I realized that not one, not two, but FOUR of the books I'd reviewed (and thoroughly enjoyed) were all coming out in May.

And since May is my birthday month, I said to myself, "Self, birthdays require gifts, and you shall spread the reading love."  So, friends, I give you:

The May Four Book Giveaway!!!

SHINE by Lauren Myracle.  (read my review here) release date: May 1, 2011

MAGNOLIA LEAGUE by Katie Crouch (read my review here) release date: May 3, 2011

GIRL WONDER by Alexa Martin (read my review here) release date: May 3, 2011

IN FRONT OF GOD AND EVERYBODY by KD McCrite (read my review here) release date: May 10, 2011

Entry couldn't be simpler.  Just be a follower and comment below with a book recommendation for me(preferably one that comes out in May as doesn't have to be YA as I read everything).  If you want additional chances to win, you can tweet about it (+2 must paste the link in your comment) and/or write a blog post (+3 entries...put a link to your post in the comment section please).  Oh, and if you would be the calculator for me, I'll throw your name in the hat another time (I'm a writer, dude.  Not a mathematician)

This contest will end on April 28, 2011, and the winner of ALL FOUR books will be announced on my April 29th Friday Five post.  Okay...CONTEST STARTS NOW.  GO!!


  1. Hmmm... I'm going to give you two because I don't normally get ARCS and I don't want to recommend something that I haven't read. BUT Sarah Dessen is pretty hard to not like so I say 1. What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen and 2. Raw Blue by Kirsty Eager (was out a year ago??) and is a must must read. +1

    Link to blog post: +3

    link to tweet: +2!/adktd2bks/status/56398973623214080

    total (I'm not so good at math either) +7


  2. Is this international?

    Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson!

    cc932005 at hotmail dot com

  3. Okay I am a follower and I am going to recommend Treachery in Death...did you read that one already? It came out in February.

    Also Rachel Gibson is coming out with her next hockey book called Any Man of Mine. It comes out in April. This is another one that I have been waiting for.

    And of course Susan Elizabeth Phillips Call Me Irresistible was released in January. I have not had the chance to read it yet, but it is in my TBR pile.

    And for good measure and since I like to go back and re-read my favorites, The Hunger Games is always a great re-visit.

  4. i am a follower, but on my google reader, so i'll give myself + 0.5

    link to tweet +2

    and my book recommendations: BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY by ruta sepetys and PORTNOY'S COMPLAINT by Phillip Roth (the second one i haven't read yet, but it was just recommended to me and i want someone else to read it so i can talk to them about it.)

  5. Recommending something I've read, although plenty will rec this probably, Divergent by Veronica Roth.

    Another one is Charlaine Harris' newest Sookie Stackhouse. Can't wait.

    Tweeted: @jennswood

  6. Divergent by Veronica Roth
    But I love Him by Amanda Grace (Mandy Hubbard)
    Please count me in if this is international.

  7. Yeah, I'm going to have to say DIVERGENT. POPULAR is fabulous, as well!


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