Friday, May 27, 2011

How Do You ARC?

No, not that kind of ARC.  I'm talking the holy grail known as the Advanced Reader's Copy.  You know...books not yet published that (if you're extremely lucky or know someone who knows someone who knows someone who has one) you can read--and review--before it becomes available to the masses.

A little minute ago (nine months to be exact), I became a book blogger.  It started innocently enough with a book I'd picked up time and time again at the store only to put back on the shelf, telling myself, "Self, this book is just not for you.  I mean, look at it."  Then, sale of sales happened, and I ended up buying said book.  When it became readily apparent that I had severely misjudged said book, I had to take my findings to the public.  Thus began my book blogger status.

Since then, with the help of a fellow bloganista, I dove head-long into the ARC pool.  Some--okay, A LOT of it--great reading took place, and I found myself expanding my reading horizons.  And, it seems that people have taken notice.

Lately, I received an email and subsequently some great swag from an author who read my review of her debut novel.  I mean, I didn't get into book blogging for free stuff, but who's going to say no to that, right?  Oddly enough, on the same day that I got this nice little note, my inbox also got two other emails from authors. 

One of which I'd reviewed the book and found that I did not care for it.  Although I don't believe my review was rude in the least, this author took offense to a few flaw (in my opinion) that I pointed out, and decided that the best way to respond was with a scathing email that questioned my literacy.  I'm not going to stoop to naming said author, but suffice it to say, I will not be reading that person's books again.

The second email was from an author asking me to review his upcoming novel.  I have to admit that I am very flattered that I am being sought for my reviewer-ish-ness (<--new word that will be added to the Karla/Karlie/LastWord0524 dictionary).  But, due to an overwhelming amount of ARCs in my TBR pile at the moment, I ultimately had to decline the offer.  Still, I'm pretty flattered by the asking :)

Soon, folks, I will have more book reviews posted for you, as I have a long weekend coming up, with nothing on the calendar but reading and writing.  My two favorite things :)

How about you fantastic followers?  Do you ARC?  If so, how do you do it? (hehehe...if only I could have slid the word 'thrust' in there somewhere).  I'd love to hear from you in the comments.


  1. Great post! Sucks about that one author. They shouldn't take offense to personal opinions. You just can't please everybody. ;)

    The only way I get ARCs is through NetGalley. I just don't have time anymore to enter giveaways and such for other ARCs. This is really cool that you're getting noticed! Good luck! :D <33

  2. I don't request ARCS (except at BookExpo), but I did hear some book bloggers saying (at BEA) that they have a review policy on their about self-pubbed books, likes and dislikes, timing, what to expect, etc...that way you might avoid some future rude emails.

    As a would-be author, you might want to have a "won't review if I didn't like it" policy so you don't burn any professional bridges.

  3. eep! can't believe an author emailed you negatively. how horrible :(

    i review books as well although it didn;t set out too... it just kind of happened.

    i don't request books/ARCs and really should have a policy as i often find review requests in my inbox.

    i did recently join galleygrab as they had a book i really wanted yo read.

    as much as i love free stuff, i love reading what i want to read more. so iprefer to limit my review copies and use my library and buy ones i'm desperate for.

    x Nomes

    (i always love your review btw)


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