Monday, May 23, 2011

You Call Me That Like It's a Bad Thing

Last week, fellow bloganista/twitterati Linda Grimes wrote about HUMPS.  I know what you're thinking.  Linda does that just to post a camel picture on her blog (we all know she's obsessed...but we still love her anyway).  But on this post, no camels could be found.  Instead, Linda expounded on the HUMPS all we writers must leap over while on the rocky road to publication.

And guess what I gleaned from her post, peeps?

At the moment, I happen to be fighting not just a hump, but a mountain.  Yes, friends.  I have become  the dreaded Serial Story Starter.  Don't believe me?  Well, allow me to demonstrate.

Example #1:  LOVE IN A TIME OF POPULARITY.  Who can forget the Texas Twins and poor Jenna caught between the two?  My first attempt at not only a contemporary comedic romance but also a love triangle fell flat at about 40K words, where I was distracted by the oh so bright and shiny Mia and Kal, who's love story we already know had TRAGEDY written all over it...which really is my kind of tale :)

Example #2:  the idea for CHASING BREADCRUMBS popped into my head shortly after finishing work on A & F.  An adult women's fiction, this story of lost children and families being reunited only got as far as the outlining stage before I got overwhelmed by the sheer volume of themes and layers I wanted to put into this.  It kind of crushed me, to be honest, and so the outlining came to a stop as I pondered what sideplots were pertinent to the story and which ones had no business hanging around.

Example #3: In the midst of all the fleshing out I was doing on CB, Anna and Gwen from SHUT UP just started screaming at me...pretty amazing since Gwen spends the majority of the novel practically mute.

Example #4: Although SU hasn't lost it's shininess(considering it's dark and depressing nature), I found I just couldn't concentrate on it, especially since some little gremlins started nibbling on my toes and feeding me lines about a green-skinned alien whose planet was invaded by humans bent on being the only civilization to inhabit that world.  Nearly 10K into this untitled YA fantasy novel, I realized that 1. I'm not a good fantasy writer...honestly, I suck hairy blue monkey balls at it.  2. I missed the darkness of Anna and Gwen's story  3. well, the gremlins who'd been feeding me lines had disappeared.

Example #5: Why? because there are always five reasons.  Jeesh. Don't you guy know me at all ;)  Just last night, a new story attacked me.  FAULT LINES is about about love, loss, and the overwhelming guilt that ensues.

So, the question for you fun peeps now is: Which one will I actually work on?  I'm sure the answer will surprise you as much as it surprises me...if I ever get the answer that is :)  Serial Story Starter Karla over and out.

Oh...and PS...just because you all are probably missing the camel pic since Linda left you high and dry last week ;)


  1. LOL! NICE picture. ;)

    Oh, and I did have a tiny camel pic in that post. On the sign. Granted, it's only a silhouette, and not a real camel, but still.

    You have fantastic story ideas! I can see why it would be tough for you to decide which one to complete -- they're all so fascinating.

    But you know what? You really need to pick on and finish it. Just to prove to yourself that you can. I think you'll enjoy the feeling. :)

  2. Okay I am sick and tired of telling you which story to finish. You already know which story I want you to finish. At this point, just send me the damn thing and I will finish it.

    Pretty please?

  3. Hey, a little birdie told me it was your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)


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