Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Short List for August...

I hate to admit it, minions, but I just didn't get much reading done this month.  *hangs head in shame* I know. I know.  You count on me for vast and varied reading lists and I've let you down.  I'm sorry.  Can you ever forgive me?

Yeah?  Good! I feel better now that the groveling is all over with.  Now, we can get down to the business of sharing my reading list for the month of August.  Here we go!

  • MAKING WAVES by Tawna Fenske ... Romantic Comedy
  • FIXING DELILAH by Sarah Ockler ... YA Contemporary
  • STAY by Deb Caletti ... YA Literary
  • BEAUTY QUEENS by Libba Bray ... YA Dystopian/Satire (I don't know if that's how others would categorize it, but since this is my list, I'll do whatever I want *sticks out tongue*)
  • STOLEN by Lucy Christopher ... YA Literary
  • BLOOD RED ROAD by Moira Young ... YA Dystopian
  • SMOKIN' SEVENTEEN by Janet Evanovich ... Comedy/Mystery (more comedy than anything, but there was a healthy helping of mystery snuck in there)
  • WHEN PASSION RULES by Johanna Lindsey ... Historical Romance
  • EVE by Anna Carey ... YA Dystopian ARC
So, only ten this month, folks.  I promise to try harder next month, but I make no guarantees.  *shrugs*  Have you read any on this list?  What did you think?  If not, are there any you're thinking about picking up? Do share :)


  1. You read more during your "slow" months than I can manage in my good months!

    I (of course) read Tawna's book. Several times. (It was only right, since I'm one of her CPs. *grin*) It's hilariously hot!

  2. i'm with linda. your slow month is better than my good months!

    i also read MAKING WAVES and BLOOD RED ROAD. both of which rocked my socks off, but for very different reasons. i just finished BRR last night and can't stop thinking about it! thanks again for that recommendation.

  3. Stolen = awesomesauce.
    Fixing Delilah - eh, it felt kind of slow and predictable to me, but I do love her prose.

    Haven't read any of the rest though I have a few of those on my list - and 10 is not a number to be ashamed of.

    Would love to have you put yay or nay attached to some of these, maybe to =give us an indication of what you thought? JAS.


  4. Linda: it was a slow month! I only made it to 10 because of a reading binge last weekend. I read four in three days.

    Abby: I'm so glad you like BRR. I just loved it, and that was the one, I was really uncertain of. Great book!

    Angie: good suggestion. I will do that from now on. but for now, here: BEST of month: MAKING WAVES, BLOOD RED ROAD, and SMOKIN SEVENTEEN. not the best but would reccommend in a heartbeat: BEAUTY QUEENS, STOLEN, and EVE. not bad/decent read: STAY, FIXING DELILAH. eh: WHEN PASSION RULES, CENTER CANNOT HOLD

    hope that helps!

  5. I love Deb Caletti! Haven't read that one yet.

    Did you like Beauty Queens? I can't wait to read that one.

  6. Oops, just saw in comments that you would recommend Beauty Queens...glad to here it.

  7. Jennifer: STAY was the first Deb Caletti I'd read, but based on that, I'd definitely read more of hers. And YES, pick up BEAUTY QUEENS. it was fun :)

  8. pretty awesome for a "slow month"

    i think i stopped the evanovich books around 14 ... but they were very fun. good times. i think i overdosed on them completely ~ read about ten in a row ;)

  9. I have not read any of these books! I am so behind on the reading thing, I swear. I really want to read Beauty Queens, and Making Waves and Blood Red Road sound so good.


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