Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seven Up

So there's this thing going around the blogosphere.  You know the one with all the sevens?  No?  Oh.  Well, let me tell you a little.  It's called "Lucky Seven" and basically, it's where you go to page 77 of your current WiP (work-in-progress), slide on down to the seventh line and then share the next seven lines of your work on your blog. 

Fun, right? 

So, here we go.  This comes from my current WiP, which is as of yet untitled and a sci-fi/fantasy novel.  Two things that are super foreign to me.  (this is seven lines, based on my rough draft formatting. it may be more on your screen.)  Anywho...enjoy!

My hold on the man’s neck does not waver, even as I tumble half into his lap.

I will not let go, not before he does. I want his death. I need it. I thirst for it.

Hands grab at my waist, fingers digging into my hips and pull. But, he cannot pry me loose. I will not let him. Keeping a firm hold on the man’s neck, I spare only a quick look behind me. Just enough to locate the threat. Once found, I kick. My heel connects with a wall of solid muscle.

He grunts loudly but does not relinquish his hold on me. I throw out another kick. This time, he is ready.  My foot finds nothing but air.
So that's it for me this fine teaser tuesday.  What are you all working on? Do share:)


  1. Wow. Lucky seven, indeed. You stumbled on an intense scene there.

  2. holy cow! a teaser indeed. i want more!


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