Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Five: Things That Make You Go, "WTF?"

  1. My cousin once turned to me and said, "I hate reality TV."  We were watching Smallville.
  2. An old lady in the check out line in front of me was short $2.78 on her bill.  Being in a hurry and not wanting to wait while she pawed through her bags to find something to have taken off her bill, I handed the cashier a five.  The old lady not only didn't say, "Thank you," or even acknowledge the niceness that I was handing out, she TOOK the change, too!  Apparently, she really needed that $2.22
  3. A customer didn't understand why we couldn't build him a house with a basement.  In FLORIDA, a state that is mostly at or BELOW sea level.  Yeah, buddy.  I'll build you a basement that holds water all year round.  You can tell your friends you had an indoor pool put in.
  4. A friend of mine once told me, "I think you scare some people."  Ummm...thanks?
  5. I once told a (completely different) customer, "We build up.  If you dig in Florida, you'll hit water."  He'd asked me how deep we drill our wells.  *facepalm*  Lesson learned: no one is immune from making a jackass of case you were wondering.
What about all you fun folks?  What's the craziest thing anyone's ever said to you?  What's the most idiotic thing you've ever told someone...and how long did it take for you to realize your lunacy?


  1. She kept the CHANGE?? Sheesh. The mind boggles.

    Mercifully, I've blocked most of my own idiotic utterances out of my mind.

  2. Geez, and I thought little old ladies were supposed to be nice!!!

  3. The absolute jaw-droppingest example comes from when I worked in a bookstore:

    Me: if you'll give me just a moment, I need to run your check through our machine (note: we did this with every check over $50, even when it was the local news guy and of course we knew who he was)

    Customer Guy: What??? I'll have you know that account has more go through it in a month than you make in a year!

    Everyone within hearing radius: {stunned silence}

    Me: If you were trying to impress with that, I think you've accomplished the exact opposite.

    (yes, I really said that. He laughed uncomfortably but shot me a dirty look.)


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