Monday, May 14, 2012

The Marriage Debate

I know what you're thinking.  That this is yet another post in which some nobody blogger gets up on her soapbox and shouts out weighs in on the whole definition of marriage thing.

And, you'd be right.  But, not in the way that you think.

You see, friends, I'm not the type of person who enjoys lecturing others on how to live their lives.  Yes, I have my opinions, and yes those opinions sometimes scratch and try their best to claw their way to the surface.  I am only human, you know.  But, I adhere to the philosophy that when it comes to religion or politics, you will never get someone to change his or her mind from that which they believe.  The only thing you get from jumping up on your soapbox is a bunch of crap-slinging, angry rioting in which no one will back down.

So, I'm not here today to tell you that you can't marry whomever you like.  Whether you are a boy wanting to marry a girl or another boy, I say, "If you love that person, rock on with your bad self."  This is not to say that I am not morally opposed to some unions. 

Vampire/Human marriages have an undeniable squick factor for me.  I mean, come on!  Undead means NOT ALIVE!  Why would anyone(who is not a fictional character) want to marry someone without a pulse, especially one that thirsts for their blood?

Which leads me to the whole Zombie/Human thing.  Again, DEAD, as in NOT ALIVE.  Only zombie love is a whole lot crazier, considering the whole decomposing corpse up and walking around thing.  Plus, they don't talk, just grunt and slobber...although the not talking thing might not be a fatal flaw, if you think about it.


I think a Zombie/Vampire relationship is a perfect combination.  Both of them exist in the realm of NOT ALIVE.  The vampire is undead and the zombie is walking dead.  So, there's that.  They both prey on humans.  While the vamp is sucking a human dry, the zombie could be happily munching away at the victim's brains/flesh.  No wasting food there.  Yep, that is definitely a match made in Dead Heaven.

Plus, think of the book opprotunities!  When Dracula met The Walking Dead, a romantic comedy.  That's got bestseller written all over it.

That's all I have for now.  Until next time, friends, when we discuss the Yeti/Unicorn conundrum.


  1. LOL! I have to say, I tend to agree with you on the whole undead marriage issue. ;)


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