Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Five: Chaos in Karla-land

So, I haven't been posting in a while.  I know.  I know.  Bad blogger.  Bad!  I will rectify this situation, friends.  I promise.

This Friday Five is all about what's been up with Karla since we last convened for a Friday Five.  I give you all:

Five Craptastic Adventures in Karla-land

  • Karla's lawn maintenance activities ground to a halt when Severus Snake made a surprise re-appearance by leaping* out in front of the lawnmower and thus scaring the poo out of her.
  • Creepy Neighbor** exhibited more suspicious behavior.  Karla went on stake-out duty for most of a night, ready to make a citizen's arrest, only to come away empty-handed.  The next morning, CN asked her what she was doing in her lanai (without benefit of lights) for the majority of the night.  Apparently, Karla still has much to learn about remaining inconspicuous during said evidence-gathering missions.
  • Karla got her first royalty statement for ALWAYS AND FOREVER!! Yippee!  Just so we all know, though, royalty statements are a bit confusing to read, and Karla spent half that day trading emails with  her book manager as she tried (and mostly failed) to decipher all those damnedable numbers.  Royalty Statement: 5; Karla: -2  *hangs head in shame* Epic fail.
  • When asked what Little Bro would want for X-mas, Karla's mother informed her that she should make him an afghan.  Um...yeah.  Karla has less than SIX weeks to make a blanket that would normally take her close to three months.  Suffice it to say, she is now working like she belongs in a yarn sweatshop.
  • Karla is still bouncing between two WiPs.  One is her mystery and the other is her epic alien rebellion saga.  She still can't decide which is shinier.
BONUS Friday Five News!!  

  • There is a giveaway going on over at Goodreads, in which THREE copies of ALWAYS AND FOREVER are up for grabs.  The contest closes on October 28, so if you haven't entered, you should ;)   
  • On Monday, October 29 and Tuesday, October 30, ALWAYS AND FOREVER will be available as a free Kindle download!
So, what about your Friday Five?  Is it full of chaos, snakes, and creepy neighbors or more along the lines of squee-inducing news? Do share :)

*okay. okay. so maybe snakes don't so much as leap as slither, but it felt like the bastard was flying right at me! *shivers*
**you know what I mean.  Don't we all have neighbors who are just a little off and when we look at them we think, "I bet you have sixteen bodies chopped up in your freezer"  Exactly my point.


  1. Try using bigger needles and thicker yarn. Er, on the afghan, not your creepy neighbor. (OTOH... *evil grin*)

  2. P.S. Just ordered Always and Forever for my Kindle. Couldn't wait till Monday. Not that I'll have any noticeable reading time in the near future, but I still couldn't wait. (Yes, I am that impatient.) And at least now I know it'll be there waiting for me when I can breathe again. :)

  3. re: point 5. ALIEN REBELLION SAGA. see how it glitters and sparkles and looks great in all its shininess?

    re: CN. did you ever stop to wonder if you're his creepy neighbor? ;)

    re: all other points. good luck with that.

  4. haha, I LOL at the creepy neighbor. There was this creepy looking dude walking around our neighborhood last spring and I was totally convinced he was the child kidnapper kind. me and my imagination.

    I have no Friday fives. I want to erase the whole week. That's possible, right?


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