Monday, October 8, 2012

Something's Gotta Give...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know that's a fairly over-used, not to mention cliched phrase.  But, it describes my writing life perfectly at the moment.

I'm currently stuck between TWO oh so bright and shiny projects, and they couldn't be more different.  One is my epic alien rebellion saga and the other is a mystery involving a hate crime.  Both are so very intriguing, and I just can't choose between my pretty little word babies.


Something's gotta give and soon.  Look at what I've become from all this back and forth between the two WiPs.

Do you ever feel like this, peeps?  What do you do to get through?  How do you decide?  Should I just flip a coin or what?


  1. Oh, boy have I been here over and over again. But I just follow my heart aka intuition/gut instinct. Whatever novel I first think of, that's the one I know my heart wants to tell. :)

  2. I never feel like this. Ideas for me are few and far between.

    But I do admit to being torn between two stories -- typically, it's the one I'm writing and the one I just finished. I always want to be working on the one I'm not :)

  3. I like having more than one project going--when I'm stuck on one, I work on the other for a while. It's kind of a built-in cure for writer's block.

  4. Oh yeah, I feel like this all the time, especially when I'm just starting a project and maybe don't have a whole plot outlined for one, I'll keep flipping back and forth. though once I get close to a having a first draft done it gets easier. Good luck choosing!!

  5. i'm a one book at a time girl, mostly because my ideas are (like Patty's) few and far between.

    for you -- i say go with the epic alien rebellion one.


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