Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Fun: Secret to My Writing Success

Instead of a Friday Five, I'm going to give you all a Friday Fun.  (one pic that basically sums it all up).  You're welcome.

This installment is entitled, 'The Secret to My Writing Success'  Take a looksee :)

WriterCat says, "This scene is done, Bitch."

There you have, folks.  I have a ghostwriter.  His name is Quinn (named after a character in an Anne Rice novel, as I was such a Rice fangirl way back in the day).  He's the real writer in the family.

What is the secret to your success? Inquiring minds and all that...


  1. Aww. What a cute helper. With three cats around, I've found random helpful typing in my work before, though I don't call it ghostwriting:)

    I'm a Rice fangirl too!

  2. Aww! I love the name Quinn! My cat loves laying on my laptop as well-usually at the most inconvenient times. One time I left the computer for a minute and came back to pages of letters from her walking over the keyboard...

  3. Your kitty looks just like mine! I was a huge Anne Rice fan too, trying to remember where the character Quinn is from. hmm....

  4. In that vein, I have 3 ghostwriters... :)

  5. Jennifer: those random help typing sprees never make much sense in my house, probs because I don't speak kitten :)

    Cheyanne: Yep, Quinn's done that to me many, many, many times. He loves my laptop, but he especially loves climbing up onto my desk and planting himself between my monitor and my keyboard

    Angie: He was named after Tarquinn Blackwood, the MC in the Vampire Chronicles books, BLACKWOOD FARM and THE BLOOD CANTICLE

    Summer: Three? They must swarm you when your laptop comes out!

  6. i adore the name quinn and i adore the fact your quinn can write and sleep at the same time. now that's what i call multitasking. think he can teach me how to do that?


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