Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What The Hell Does That Mean?

I need a room like this.  I'm just saying.
I come from a long line of readers.  My mom, grandmother, aunts, a few uncles, and a slew of cousins are all word junkies like me.  So, it's not surprising when almost every conversation I have with family and/or friends morphs into an epic book chatting fest.

Hey, that's just how we roll ;)

Also, when we read a book, we usually write in the front of it.  You know, the usual.  Name, date (month and year) read, and a little something extra to let whomever might happen to browse it later on know whether the book was good, bad, or just a little ugly.  Again, that's how we roll ;)

A few years back, my grandmother grew tired of always writing the same old thing about her books.  Good. Super Good.  Excellent.  Better than Excellent.  So many Excellents on the shelf became monotonous and really, how could she remember what she liked/didn't like about the book with something so generic as that? Her point exactly.

She began writing cryptic little notes in her books.  Things like, Check out the neighbors, Brotherly love, and my personal favorite Know your cab driver**  We always get a chuckle out of her little blurbs she writes in her books now.

So, my mother calls me last night, and I'm not at all surprised when her first words upon my Hello have to do with Grandmother's penchant for indecipherable book blurbs.

MOTHER: You know that book your grandmother just had to make me buy?

ME: Umm... (she says this A LOT so, yeah I probably do, but eh, not so much)

MOTHER: It's really good. I'm not saying it's not, but I'm getting a little worried.  (she then, proceeds to tell me about said book, which I'm pretty sure I read way, way, way back in the day, like the early 90s***)

Long pause.

MOTHER: So I call your grandmother (she's always YOUR grandmother when my mother is perturbed with her, sort of like Dad is always YOUR FATHER) and do you know what she wrote in her copy of this book?!?!

ME: (braces self for something from out of left field)  Umm, no...what?

MOTHER: "Keep Searching"

ME: *thinking this but not saying it aloud as I KNOW it will rattle the MOTHER* That actually makes sense...for once.

MOTHER: And do you know what your grandmother said when she read that to me?  (short pause, not even long enough for me try to answer) She said, "Keep Searching?  Well, what in the Hell does that mean?"

Yep, friends.  Only my grandmother...oh, and my mother.  No wonder I'm a little left of center.  It's all their fault :)

**that one is a long, but hilarious story I might share with you all sometime ;)
***Wow. I'm really getting old, aren't I?

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  1. LOL Your grams is awesome. I think I might start making little notes on my books as well. It might make it easier when deciding which books to give to the library and which ones to keep.


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