Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Five: The World According to Karla

This week has been kind of a lazy week (blogging wise) for me.  I wasn't ignoring you fun friends.  I promise!

So, I thought What better way to end this week than to give my peeps a run-down of my trials and tribulations of the past several days?  But, then I was like, Wow, Karla.  They don't want to spend hours upon hours reading your one lone blog post of the week, so maybe you can keep it to just five?

An excellent idea if I do say so myself ;)

  1. DirectTV loves Karla sooo much that not only did they give her the gift of Red Wings hockey (being in FL, she doesn't get to see her beloved Wings play all that often), but it was a FREAKING AWESOME GAME.  She was yelling and screaming at the TV, especially at the end with Zetterberg's hat trick.  
  2. Karla was down with the sickness.  One that came at her like someone had taken a baseball bat to her head.  NO WARNING.  Middle of the night, stomach curling, body aching, head pounding, zombie making sickness.  Two days were spent SLEEPING, and then another two days were spent staring at my food before opting for cups of chicken broth and pita bread, foods that aren't Op Skinny Bitch approved, but it had to happen.
  3. ALWAYS AND FOREVER was had a free download day on Monday.  We got over 10,000 dowloads that day, propelling us all the way up to #8 in the Free Kindle Store(#1 in its subcategory of Teen Lit & Fiction) that day.  Made this girl quite happy *big grin*
  4. Karla's car Ruby is still the demon bitch from Hell.  So, she's been using the company truck to get back and forth to work.  Yesterday, she had a flat tire (big ass nail in said tire).  Karla--knowing full well how to change her own tire--sets about getting her tire-changing groove on.  Only to have every damned thing go wrong that can.  Helpful Neighbor (not to be confused with Creepy Neighbor or Needy Neighbor) saw Karla in distress and offered assistance.  Helpful Neighbor to save the day!!  They work together to get the tire changed only to find that the spare tire is flat too.  FML
  5. Even with the sickness, lack of exercise, and all that damned pita bread Karla consumed at the beginning of the week, Karla's weigh-in this week was a smashing success.  FOUR more pounds down, which puts this girl *points at self* that much closer to the Happy 100 mark!  Woot!! OPERATION SKINNY BITCH, FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, that was my week.  How about you fun friends?  Anything exciting/earth-shattering/gut-wrenching going on in your neck of the woods? Do share :)


  1. (1) congrats on nearing the -100 lb mark!

    (2) ALWAYS AND FOREVER had 10,000 downloads on monday!??! AMAZEBALLS. i'm so happy for you!!!

    (3) i've heard repeatedly that NHL guys are the nicest. i should watch hockey more.

    (4) two flat tires? yikes. here's hoping that filled your quota for the next 10 years.

    (5) blizzard nemo is hitting the northeast, so that's what i'm currently facing....wish me luck! and no power outages!

  2. Four pounds notwithstanding, I don't recommend the plague as a dieting option in future. Just sayin'.

    Hope you're feeling better! :)


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