Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fun: The Boys of HATE CRIME

For this Friday, I figured I'd give all you lovelies a little treat in the form of some eye candy.

As you all know, I've been working on and off on a mystery entitled HATE CRIME.  Currently, we're flipped back into the ON position.  So, I thought, what better way to end this week than to gift all my peeps with a little looksee into the world of HATE CRIME and its cast o' characters.

You're welcome.

Matt, the MC and super-sleuth who will investigate the HATE CRIME
Alex, the LI (Matt's boyfriend), who has a 'not so friendly' history with the victim, which sadly puts him right at the top of the suspect list.  Poor Alex.

Ben, Matt's best friend and the victim of the HATE CRIME

*fans self* Soo...can you blame me for not wanting to let this story go? Just too much eye candy within the pages to turn away ;)

What about your characters?  Do share (pictures welcomed)


  1. one word. AWESOME. *drools* :)

  2. interesting that your picture of alex is actually alex. also, i love the look of matt. WRITE FASTER so i can read it.


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