Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Five: Just Gimme One...BOOK

It seems that every time I ask peeps for a book recommendation, I end up getting hooked on yet another series.  I feel like I'm drowning in duets, trilogies, sagas, and the epic 17,000 book series.

I'm not complaining.  Really.  I'm not.  Because I know how hard it is to let some characters go.  As both a reader and a writer, there are just some stories that cannot be contained with the covers of one measly little book.  Not only do you need that second, third, fourth, sixty-eighth book to do justice to your characters' lives, but you CRAVE those extra moments with them.

So, I understand why there are so freaking many multi-book story-lines out there.  Really.  I do. 


Just once, I'd like to someone to offer up a great book for my reading pile that is NOT part of an epic saga.

So, where does the Friday Five come in, you ask?  Simple.  First, I will give you five books I've read that are not part of a series, and all I ask in return is that you fun folks do the same in the comments. 

Sounds easy, right?  Yeah, you'd think that...but not so much.

Five STAND-ALONE Books I Highly Recommend

BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY by Ruta Sepetys  ...  I read this a couple of years ago, and I still can't stop thinking about it.  It's the first book I think of when someone asks me what they should read.  Beautiful, gripping, gut-wrenching and HAUNTING.  I also have her second novel OUT OF THE EASY on my TBR pile, just haven't read it yet...
JUST LISTEN by Sarah Dessen ... Contemporary YA at its best.  I love Dessen's writing style, her characters, and her love interests are always swoon-worthy.  I just love Owen in this one.  The only LI better than him would have to be Wes in THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER
GRAFFITI MOON by Cath Crowley ... Aussie YA dual perspective contemp.  great romance.
RAW BLUE by Kirsty Eagar ... Aussie YA  LOVED THIS ONE.  Seriously.  If you haven't read it. You simply must!  NIGHT BEACH was amazeballs as well, but if you're going to choose just one, RAW BLUE gets top honors.  (in which I cannon thank Angie over at Addicted to Books enough for introducing me to this awesome writer)
THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green ... Did you really think I'd have a list without Mr. Green on it?  This is his most recent, and probably the most heart-breaking of all.  If you haven't read Green before, you should really check out LOOKING FOR ALASKA, PAPER TOWNS, WILL GRAYSON WILL GRAYSON, and/or AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES.  They're all great.

Now, you have my Friday Five: STAND-ALONE books.  What're yours?  Do share :)

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