Monday, October 28, 2013

My Big Fat Revenge

I don't usually watch a lot of TV.  I have my favorite shows (The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, The Big Bang Theory) but I'm not one to plop down in front of the ole boob tube, just to veg out. It's a rare occasion when I do that, which is what brings about this post.

Over the weekend, I decided to flip the TV on whilst getting ready for my day.  I was only half paying attention to which channel I chose as it was intended for nothing more than background noise.  The station I happened to be tuned to had on this weight loss show.  Upon hearing the opening credits of My Big Fat Revenge, I thought, "Hey, I like seeing these kinds of stories.  I'll take a gander."

Maybe, I'm naive.  Maybe, I'm crazy, but I mistakenly believed this program to be about people taking control of their lives, getting healthy and having a big reveal.  Something along the lines of My Weight Loss Story.  I love these kinds of shows.  It's motivational and uplifting to see someone make this kind of life change and be so freaking happy when they've completed their goal.  Because what better revenge to have than to be fit and healthy and get that praise for taking charge of your life?

Boy, was I wrong.

The two girls being showcased were heavy girls, not really F-A-T but they were overweight, yes.  They each had someone who teased/tormented them about their weight who they wanted "revenge" on. One had a boyfriend that belittled and demeaned her; the other a friend who always brought up her weight in a negative way. For a minute (little as it may be), I found myself kind of understanding their hurt feelings.  I myself had "friends" like the one being described, someone who thinks they're helping motivate you when all they're really doing is making you feel like crap about yourself.  And, yes, I did have a boyfriend exactly as the other girl described.  So, yes, I can understand their hurt feelings.  

Which is why, even as I'm listening to their testimonials and the bitterness and anger just seeping from their pores, I'm thinking (more like hoping) this is still going to be the kind of show that will inspire the rest of us not-so-skinny bitches to lose the pounds.

No such luck.

Once these girls lost their weight, which I feel is an accomplishment they must be proud of, they didn't have  a party and be like "yay look at me! I did something fabulous!"  No.  These women set up elaborate plans of revenge against the people who wronged them.  Plans of public humiliation, made even more so by the fact that it was broadcast on television.  Not only that, but during each "revenge" the cameras would cut back to the girl to get her reaction.

For me, that was the most disgusting part of all.  Because both girls were GLEEFULLY celebrating the humiliation of their targets.  I found myself shocked and outraged by this behavior.  

Yes, these women were abused something fierce by the targets of their "revenge".  They were left emotionally battered by these so called friends/lovers.  I understand that they were hurt, scarred by the actions of another.  But, how does that make it right to treat them with the kind of brutality that they treated you?  Even worse, you made their embarrassment public, and you took immense pleasure in that humiliation.

These women didn't just stoop to their tormentors levels.  They sunk far lower than that.  Women who were quite pretty before their fat-to-skinny transformation became downright hideous during their revenge.

As a former fat chick myself (at my heaviest, I weighed in at a whopping down to 182), I can confidently say that I would never do something like that.  Yes, I've had friends like the one girl, people who can only feel good about themselves if they're putting others down.  And, the other girl's boyfriend? Yeah, I've had one or two of those kinds of bastards, too.  My point? I'm not about to seek that kind of "revenge" on television because my feelings might have been hurt years ago.

There comes a point when you have to let go of your bitterness, or else it will consume you.  These girls should have been ecstatic for making such a momentous change in their lives.  Instead, they let their anger overwhelm take hold and turn something truly inspiring into a tawdry episode of bullying.

It's everything that is wrong with our society today.  Measuring your own self-worth by how badly you can hurt others.

I think the people who created this show should be just as ashamed of themselves as the people who go on it, seeking their "revenge"

*End Rant*

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