Thursday, December 19, 2013


The Author: Elyse Douglas
Publication Date: October 3, 2013
Book Hungry Biotch Responsible for this Month's Selection: Kelly

Summary (as taken from Amazon):
Traveling home for Christmas, two modern women in their 20s are forced to drive together during a snowstorm, and they get lost. They cross a covered bridge and, suddenly, they enter the past, finding themselves in a small picturesque Vermont town in 1943. They meet two handsome soldiers, who are about to be sent off to war, and they fall in love with them, while also struggling to find a way to return home to their own time. 

With the soldiers’ help, on Christmas Eve, the two women finally have one chance to return to their own time, but they are caught between their love for the soldiers, and their desire to return to the present. At the last moment, they must make the difficult decision and, because it is Christmas, a miracle happens. 

My Thoughts:
I read everything, from mysteries and thrillers to fantasy and dystopian to romance to horror to the classics.  And everything in between.  I especially love stories set in the past, anything from post-Revolution Paris to World War II Russia to Renaissance Italy to Prohibition in the good ole US of A.  So, after reading this blurb, I thought THE CHRISTMAS TOWN might be right up my reading alley.

Sadly, I was mistaken.  This tale was not my favorite, not by a long shot.

I didn't like the characters.  They weren't fleshed out enough for me to understand and accept their flaws.  Instead, Megan's lying and scheming were just annoying, and Jackie's snootiness rubbed me wrong.  The story was basically non-existent once the girls ended up in 1943 as the author (or in this case, authors as I read at the end that this is a husband and wife writing team) seemed more interested in showcasing the 1943-ness of the town than the actual plot.

And, the ending...well, the ending was just...I have no words to describe it without giving out spoilers.

Let's just say, this was not a read that I enjoyed. At all.

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