Monday, January 13, 2014

Re-inventing GONE GIRL?

So, I'm trolling the Twitter over the weekend, stalking celebrities minding my own business, when one of the TwitterPack shoots me this link.

Much like my reaction to the ending of GONE GIRL (you remember my review), this article left me a little stunned.  

WTF?  How is that going to work?  NOT THE ENDING!  How in the blue hell are they going to change the ending without killing the entire story line?!?!

Those were my thoughts when I read that article, folks.  Because, if you're read GONE GIRL, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  

THE ENDING is what made the book memorable.  THE ENDING is what made millions upon millions of people tell their friends, family, and strangers on the street about this book and how they just had to read it. 

While I didn't necessarily LOVE the ending of this book, I certainly thought it worked.  It highlighted all the dark, twisted goodness of  Amy and Nick's relationship and matched the overall tone of the story.  So, now I'm both nervous and a little interested in seeing how this change will work out.  

How about you fun folks?  Have you read GONE GIRL?  What did you think of the ending, and how do you feel about them changing it up?  Do share.

Also, since it is Man Candy Monday, I cannot leave without gifting you with a little something-something.  You're welcome.

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