Friday, March 27, 2015

The Return of the Friday Five

So, that thing I promised you guys I wouldn't do again? I did it.  Yup, as you can see from the fact that it's been over two months since my last post, I disappeared on you all.


So, what have I been doing, you might ask? Since today is Friday, I shall give you five excuses reasons why you haven't seen me in a little while.  And, what better way to do that, than with a Friday Five Picture Parade. (I'm a giver that way)

Hockey Fun Times! Tampa hosted my beloved Red Wings. Yay-ness! My wings lost, tho. Boo-ness

I gave into peer pressure, folks. I am now lost in the Who-verse. I'm still on the fence about this show tho...

Yup, you're seeing that right. I got to be one of the first to read Linda Grimes' newest book. Lookit how pretty!

The time change really wore us out. My boys still haven't recovered.

And then, this happened! My partner in writing crime and I are now repped by the super shiny and oh so fabulous Laura Zats of Red Sofa Literary.  Woot!!!

So, I've been a little busy lately. I apologize for leaving you fun peeps.  Hopefully, that won't happen again.  How have you been getting along in my absence? Everyone playing nice? Anything fun and exciting happen for you? Do share.

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