Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: A Puppy Picture Parade

Those of you who know me are aware of my penchant for collecting black (with a little tan to break it up) dogs.  I've got Scooter, the 12/13 years young rescue, mixed breed puppy and Samson, the nine year old purebreed Doberman who is full of (benign) lumps, love, and a whole lot of arthritis.

Since both my boys are getting up there in the years and my Mom's dogs had a litter, I thought when better to add to our little canine family than now?  A puppy would definitely liven up the old crew and maybe breathe some much needed life into my aging pups.

Meet Violet, the Wonder Pup.  The newest member of the Black (and tan) Dog Society here in Nellenbachlandia.

Here she is! My little Violet Moon.  Isn't she pretty?

Wait, Mom! This is my good side.

Violet LOVES Samson.  She loves the cat, too, but the cat isn't too impressed with her just yet.


Family Portrait.
(you don't even want to know how many takes we had to do before we got this one (semi) good shot)

That's our happy little black (and tan) family.  Don't they look like a fun crew?



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