Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Ahead....

2010 is upon us. Resolutions are in the air, and I am not immune to their magnetic pull.

However...(there is always a however with me, as you will come to realize)...this year, my resolutions have nothing to do with the tried and true diet, get-in-shape, eat healthy kind of thing (although that really isnt a bad idea!). No, this year, I focus on the next step in the journey of realizing my life-long dream of becoming a published novelist.

My goal for 2009 had been a simple one: finish one of the hundreds of beginnings that were floating around ignored for eons in the bottom of my desk drawer. On May 11th, I did just that. I finished what would ultimately become the first draft of my paranormal YA novel The Unknown.

A few months, quite a few rejections, and a couple of requests 'to see more' that ultimately turned into rejections later, I came to the realization that it needed A LOT of work. So, I went back over it with what I thought was a fine-tooth comb. Armed with this much improved second draft, I once again began the ardorous task of querying agents. At the same time, I finished another adult romantic suspense entitled First Instinct. This, too, was sent on its merry little way into the Hell that is Querying.

Shortly thereafter, I met the greatest beta reader ever. Not only is she a great writer, but she is brutally honest and has really helped me to make my writing the best it can possibly be. Yet, again, The Unknown was reworked...and we have reached draft # my mind, the final draft.

Now, as I am in the midst of writing my third novel...a mainstream/literary work which I call Broken, I am getting that much closer to obtaining the ever elusive agent. Which brings me back to my goals for 2010.

  1. Finish Broken and send it off to my wonderful Beta for evisceration.
  2. Get an agent (Fingers crossed!!)
  3. Post to my new blog once a least :)
  4. Get to the expert level on the Ski Jump on my Wii Fit (just couldn't resist throwing that in there!)
  5. Write a minimum of two more novels
  6. Read 100 books (I made it to 94 in 2009...this is the year I make it to triple digits!)
  7. and if I have time after all that....get in shape, eat right...blah blah blah

So that's it for me. What about you?

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  1. I'm rooting for resolution number 1! You're so closeeee.
    You need to add on that you'll tease every tuesday and post your link on
    I'm so excited you finally did this!

    And I love being your brutally honest beta and you being mine. Wouldn't have it any other way :]
    Happy New Year girl!


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