Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday: The Best of the Best

Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival," where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

This week, YA Highway begs the question: What is the best book you've read this month?

This is a difficult one as I have read several excellent books this month! As such, there were two that stood out as bright shining beacons for me. Yes, two. What? I can't be a little indecisive?

EPITAPH ROAD by David Patneaude. Set in the year 2097--thirty years AFTER a deadly virus swept around the world, killing off 97% of the male population--we meet Kellan, a 14 year old boy wandering among a sea of women. He lives under constant scrutiny. Girls want to be near him. Women distrust him. But, when he stumbles upon evidence about the origins of Elisha's Bear and a possible resurgence in the area where his father now makes his home, Kellan and two friends set out on a quest to reach his father in time. Fast-paced and beautifully written, EPITAPH ROAD is a must read for anyone, whether you're fifteen or fifty.

PAPER TOWNS by John Green. Many of you fine folks are already acquainted with the pure awesomeness that is John Green. Whether you've read LOOKING FOR ALASKA, AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES, or his newest effort WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON or if (like me) this is your first foray into the world of Green, on thing is for certain. The man knows how to weave brilliant stories that are relevant to today's youth and teaches us a little something about life without us actually realizing it. In PAPER TOWNS, Q spends one wild night with the girl of his dreams...the incomparable Margo Roth Spiegelman. The next morning, she is gone, and Q seems to be the only one who cares about whether she is found or not. With his friends Radar and Ben, he embarks on a journey to track down the elusive Margo, but what he really finds along the way is himself. Plus, the book is so awesome that they use my new favorite word: asshat. If you're still on the fence about whether to read this book, allow me to share my favorite lines from this book

Please stop. You're scaring the black santas.

The beast is stuck on me.

Ben Starling, you did not just buy your token black friend a racist shirt.

Classic! You must go out and get both books ASAP! You will be so glad you did!


  1. It's official. I'm adding Paper Towns to my "Must Read" list on those lines alone. :) I have 2 of his novels but I haven't had a chance to read them yet. I'm planning on starting Looking for Alaska next week. :)

  2. You should be John Green's publicist- u sold the shiznit out of that novel. I HAVE to read it!

  3. I can't wait to read Paper Towns. It was already on my to-be-read list, but you just reminded me how badly I want to read it!


    I've heard Epitaph Road is good too-- I'll have to add it to my list!

  5. Ooh I haven't read either of those books. I will need to!

  6. I am so proud to have gotten you on the John Green train. Read LAF so we can discuss it and chat nonstop about how freaking hysterical everyone is.
    'Heritage not hate!'
    'Remember that time, five minutes ago, that I was strapped down in the way back and all the beer fell out but I somehow didn't die?'

  7. I haven't read Paper Towns - from the looks of the comments, it must be a good one. I'm in the market for s good read!

    My fave this month was Florence of Arabia by Christopher Buckley. Not YA, though. But very disturbing and funny.

  8. Okay, the first books sounds AWESOME. And of course John Green is the incomparable John Green so of course I will be getting all his books in my queue ASAP.

    I've been in love with the term "asshat" since Summer used it constantly on The O.C. (yes I awkwardly miss that show and still quote it all the time. And have the first season DVD.)

    I think it's great and really interesting that both of the books you chose have male narrators. They are like a breath of fresh air in YA sometimes!

  9. Pam, Marquita, and Rachel: Yes, You must read PAPER TOWNS...and then tell me what you think!

    Kate: EPITAPH ROAD was the bomb! It's a great read for anyone...whether you like scifi/dystopian or not.

    Kaitlin: Get both! and let me know what you think!

    Liz: Yes, I am so glad you dragged me onto the Green train. I am forever in your debt

    Kirsten: I will definitely look that book up. I really enjoyed SILVER PHOENIX

    Sarah: There's just something about the word ASSHAT that just makes you smile, huh?


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