Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beta Love....

This is not the Road Trip Wednesday post you seek...It's something much better!

This is the story of a girl named Karlie...cue Brady Bunch not. Okay, let's move on, shall we?

Karlie was a lurker with a capital "L". She'd written her novel (well, by the time this story begins it was more like novels, yes plural) and had found the AWESOME-SQUARED community of Absolute Write. If you don't already know it, you must click here. Karlie dove headlong into the pool. CANNONBALL! She immersed herself in the different forums there, sometimes chiming in, but mostly keeping to herself. Karlie, you might already realize, likes to watch and record the silliness that happens around her, and she always finds hijinks and shenanigans. :)

Then, on November 19, 2009, her world changed forever. On a whim, she started perusing the section on AW for beta readers. Now, Karlie had made the foray into beta reading a few times in the past, and well, it never ended well. People can be very defensive and most don't get her sense of humor.

In fact, Karlie's best friend in the whole wide world once told her, "I think you scare some people." and laughed. Of course, she knew it was true. This is what happens when you grow up with a screwball family and have a crazy neighbor man that is basically extended family...not that Karlie complained. She loves her fam and wouldn't trade them for the world (aww...sappy, schmoopy Karlie).

Back to the story. In the beta forum, Karlie read an add made by a certain YA writer who was looking for some beta readers. Karlie read her synopsis and thought, "What the hell? This girl can't be any worse than the others, right? and this will be the last time. If she flips out on me, I'll know never to beta again."

So, Karlie answered...and Karlie read the story...and Karlie cried...and Karlie isn't a weeper but this story was a three hanky snot Karlie cried some more. Then, Karlie started on the line edits and usurping plot bunnies. To soften the blows of some of her more shall we say critical comments, Karlie made jokes...

and do you know what happened?

the beta got said jokes...and she laughed...and Karlie and beta started bouncing ideas off each other back and forth on both Karlie's book and beta's book...and it was beta love at first read...

Did they live happily ever after in beta harmony?

I'd like to think so...In fact, Karlie is thinking about getting t-shirts made...

TEAM KarLiz...Betas for LIFE

How does that sound? Oh, and this post was inspired by the fact this story began six months ago today...yes, a beta-versary....YAY!

How about you all? What is your beta love story? Please share!


  1. Awwww. You told the story so much better than me. I absolutely adore you. I seriously wouldn't be here without you. I'd have quit long ago. Ok. Enough chick flick moments. Back to work!!

  2. What an awww-some story of beta soul mates! Y'all are lucky to have found each other. :)


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