Friday, May 28, 2010

May Reading List...

Another month gone by **sigh** This year is flying along at super sonic speed!

If you have been following along with my reading lists, you know that my goal for 2010 is to read 100 books, which equates to roughly 8.3 books a month. And, so far so good! Some months have been less and others have been more. **shrugs** We'll keep our fingers crossed that I will realize this goal!

Here is May's reading list. I hope you find something that piques your interest.

1. THE AWAKENING by Kelley Armstrong (see my comments on book #2 of this list)

2. THE RECKONING by Kelley Armstrong (Yes, I read THE SUMMONING during April, and it was awesome) My favorite part about this series was that Chloe's love interest was not the sexy, smooth, and approachable type of guy. He was dark, brooding, and not at all cute, but I wanted her to be with him from the very first moment he entered in THE SUMMONING. Great series, but note: these three books are like one big story. Read them all together, and in order.

3. BURNED by PC and Kristin Cast This is book number 7 in the House of Night series. Yes, vampires. I have to admit that I have ALWAYS loved the vampire, but even I am getting a little tired of the vampire craze. There are only a few exceptions. One being the HON series and the Sookie Stackhouse series, which leads me to the next book on my list...

4. DEAD IN THE FAMILY by Charlaine Harris **sigh** I love Eric. I've loved Eric since book one when he was this dark, mysterious, ofttimes sinister figure hovering in the background. And, this installment (book #10) shows his more sensitive side. **double sigh**

5. IF I STAY by Gayle Forman Man, there are no words to describe how truly amazing this book is. A hauntingly beautiful tale of life and death and music. If you have not read this book, you MUST go out and pick it right up! You will be so glad you did.

6. THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE by Mary Higgins Clark MHC is the queen of the modern mystery. Enough said.

7. SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson I picked this book up because I have read a few books from the publishing house also named Speak and I just loved them all. So, I didn't even consult the blurb on the back. As soon as I opened it up, I was transported. This was a gorgeously written novel...very moving and memorable.

8. PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER by Stephen Chbosky Okay, so I admit, I was a little ambivalent about reading this book. For months, my girl Liz kept harping on me to read it. "It'll change your life," she said. And...she was right. The first few 'chapters' were a little eh, not so much in content but in writing style, but I was transported by the MC's voice and I was hooked. A very fast read that stayed with me long after the last sentence. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

9. AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES by Mr. Awesome himself...John Green We all know that I LOVE John Green. So, I really don't need to go off on a tangent about how great this book is, but I will give you my favorite line in the book (although there were many more than just this one!). "Katherines like their ex-boyfriends like they like their coffee: bitter."

10. LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green Okay, I'm cheating a little here. I am not officially done with this book, BUT I will be before the weekend is out as I only have like 50 pages left, so it's getting added to the May list now. So, there!

That's it for May, people. What have you read? Any suggestions?

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  1. I think that is an awesome goal. Good Luck. I love people who love to read. Growing up I was part of a crowd that loved to read. We were all serious romance novel junkies. We would spend weekends holed up in whoever's basement we happened to be in and swap books and talk about them and what we loved. That was my first book club, and we didn't even realize that is what we were doing.

    Again, Good Luck and read on!


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