Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Teaser Tuesday!

 Here we are, friends.  Another snip from my current (almost done whoo-hoo!) WiP, ALWAYS AND FOREVER.  This one is for my tweeps who wanted a little more of the romance side (see? I listen to ya!)


**snip! snip!**

So?  What do we think?  Are you guys ready for the tragedy to come back, or are we hankering for more romance?  As always, your comments, questions, and/or concerns are more than welcome.


  1. oh man, the part with the kiss and the splintering into parts and reforming one heart?? heartbreakingly stunning.

    i like all of it! the tragedy. the romance. it's so perfectly intertwined that i might becoming one with this book.

  2. Ohhh noooo why does Mia have to die?!?!

    They are so amazing together....

    This is just a perfect scene.

    Seriously loving this WIP. Good luck getting it finished! :)

  3. Boo-hiss tragedy. I want more romance! (Okay, a little mid-book angst is all right. As long as it ends well.)

    Uh, yeah. I'm biased towards HEAs... ;)

  4. Abby: Aw, thanks! Your comments always make me smile. Thanks for reading and cheering me on!

    Karla (TOKwK): Thanks! It should be done soon :)

    Linda: Ummm...I'm not sure you are aware of this, but I'm not into the whole "And, they lived happily ever after" I'm more a "And, so they lived" kind of writer...or in this case, maybe 'lived' isn't the right word *shrugs*


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