Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Bits of...Well...Randomness

People think that because I have a certain fondness for overly-emotional, somewhat melodramatic, always tragic story lines that I am all long faces and epic sadness.  Well, I'm here to tell you that it's just not true, and anyone who says any differently, well, he's a big fat liar pants. *crosses arms and nods* So, there.

And since I really had nothing planned for today--yes, I know that Tuesday is usually TEASER day...but I'm suffering from lazy writer syndrome, so NO TEASE FOR YOU--I thought I'd share with all you fabulous followers a few random things that make me smile.

The Mayhem Guy:  (a.k.a. Dean Winters)  I just love him, from the 'Random Windstorm' to the "I'm a hot chick' to the new one where he falls through the roof of the house.  These commercials never fail to make me guffaw.  Also, who is hotter than him?  I mean, I thought he was definitely swoon-worthy back when he played Ryan O'Rielly on OZ, but somehow, he's just ten times more stutter-inducing now.  Just saying.

My mother's reaction every time I talk to her while spying on my neighbor.  Okay.  First, I'll admit.  I do spy on the guy.  It's just weird how he's always doing something completely suspicious in his backyard in the middle of the night. (example: this last weekend he was digging in his backyard at 3am...3AM!!!)  And, every time my mother calls me and halfway through the convo asks why we're whispering...well, I can't help but laugh at her response.  First, she's silent, like she's trying to decide whether I'm joking or not. Next comes disbelief, followed closely by outrage--"You must call the police!" she yells into the phone--and then finally, a weary sigh and the admonishment that I really need to quit reading true crime books.

Also, my babies.  For me, my dogs are my children and they are quite spoiled.  Just look at this pic.  That floppy-eared, long-nosed, handsome devil on the left is my youngest puppy, Samson.  On the right is his sister from the same mister who happens to be my parents' girl Nikki.  Now, you tell me.  How can you not smile when faced with such cuteness?

My point exactly. That's it for me today, minions.  Randomness over...er...at least for now, that is.


  1. this is full of randomness, but i like it! sometimes these types of blogs are the most fun.

    and while i miss teaser tuesday, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, which means you gifted us with 2,000 words. i'd say it's almost a fair trade.

  2. Aww. Your doggies are adorable. :)

    I love Mr. Mayhem, too -- the "I'm a hot chick one" is my absolute favorite. His deadpan delivery is perfect.

  3. I love mayhem...my new favorite is the mentos commercial where the girl sees the spider and starts screaming. Her boyfriend sigh's dramatically and then proceeds to show her how spiders aren't all that scary...and he gets his ass kicked. I rewind it and watch it over and over. Yep, that's how I roll!



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