Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011: The Year in Reading, By the Numbers

So, I only read four books in December, folks.  *hangs head in shame*  (You can flip over to my Year in Reading tab to see what I added to my list)


As it turns out, I can't beat myself up too much over a short reading month, because I read 136 books last year.  I know, right? That's a lot of reading.  And since I just love lists and statistics and all that fun stuff, I thought I'd break it all down for you. 

2011 Year in Reading

Total Books Read: 136
Children's Books: 87 books (83 young adult / 4 middle grade)  64%
Adult Books: 47 books  35%
Non-Fiction: 2 books   1%

Now, let's break it down even further!

On the Children's Book side of things, it looks like this: 87 books
Contemporary (this includes Literary, Mainstream, Comedy & Satire):  44 books  51%
Historical:  3 books   3.5%
Romance: 0 books  0%
Mystery: 5 books  5%
Paranormal (this includes vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mermaids, aliens, zombies, unicorns, yetis and anything else you could possibly think of): 13 books 15%
Fantasy: 3 books  3.5%
Dystopian: 19 books 22%

On the Adult side, here are the numbers: 47 books
Contemporary:: 1 book  2%
Historical: 0 books  0%
Romance: 17 books 36%
Mystery: 21 books  45%
Paranormal: 4 books 8%
Fantasy: 3 books  7%
Dystopian: 1 book 2%

Altogether, now!  (both adult and children's): 136 books TOTAL
Contemporary: 45 books  33%
Historical: 3 books  2%
Romance: 17 books  12%
Mystery: 26 books  20%
Paranormal: 17 books  12%
Fantasy: 6 books  5%
Dystopian: 20 books  15%
Non-fiction: 2 books  1%

As an aside, it should be noted that of the 136 books read, 28 were ARCs (thanks to the many authors who allowed me to review their books on this little old blog!) which equates to 21% of my total! 

So, that's it for my number, folks.  What about yours?  Upon looking over your list, did you find that you read more of one genre than another or did you spread the reading love fairly evenly?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments! 

Also, what do we think my reading goal should be for this coming year?  Any specific area you think I may have neglected? More particularly, an author/book I should read?


  1. Wow. More than a book read every three days. That's a lot of reading!

    When I grab the time to read (which I REALLY need to do more!), I tend to pick up mysteries and contemporary romances, with the occasional historical thrown in for flavor.

  2. Glad to see you made up for no YA Romance in your Adult section :)

  3. I am IMPRESSED!

    To be honest,I've never counted the books I've read. I shall do that.

    We're a week into January and I'm at 2. (Just about done with Katherines!)

  4. i haven't ever kept a list of every single book i've read during the year nor have i broken down the numbers like that, so i find this all very fascinating.

    of course, my reading numbers would be heavily skewed towards YA cause those are the books i adore!

  5. I think I could have been close to that mark years ago, but anymore, I just don't have the time to read that much. I cannot express my jealousy into words.

  6. Those are some awesome reading stats!

    I'm a new follower here. Laughed out loud when I read your "about me" and saw that you were currently rep'd by "Your Mom." :D I think I'll like it here.


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