Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eight is Plenty for February

So, I'm not starting the year off too well, reading wise.  Single digits last month, and singles again this month.  BUT!  I have made major headway in the writing department, so that's good...right?  RIGHT?!?!

Anywho, here is my little old list for the month of February.  There's something for everyone here, so hopefully you'll find something intriguing.

  • BELIEVE IT OR NOT by Tawna Fenske ... Romantic comedy (ARC)  you can find my review here
  • FRESHMAN YEAR & OTHER UNNATURAL DISASTERS by Meredith Zeitlin ... YA Contemporary (ARC) you can find my review here
  • TRICKSTER'S GIRL by Hilari Bell ... YA Dystopian/Fantasy  This was a re-read for me, as I reviewed the ARC on this blog last year.
  • DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth ... YA Dystopian  Another re-read this month.  It was the Book Hungry book selection, and even though I neglected to post my review, I will have you know that DIVERGENT lost none of its sparkli-ness on the re-read.  If anything, it was even better.  That said...BEST BOOK OF THE MONTH!!! Yep, friends.  BEST BOOK OF THIS FREAKING MONTH!!!
  • TRAITOR'S SON by Hilari Bell ... YA Dystopian/Fantasy (ARC)  A sequel to TRICKSTER'S GIRL.  I consider it a better, faster read than its predecessor.  Review to come.
  • HOSTILE TAKEOVER by Joey W. Hill ... Romance (warning: fairly graphic love scenes.  more so than what I expected or wanted.  I like Ms. Hill's angel books much better...just sayin)
  • WELCOME CALLER, THIS IS CHLOE by Shelley Coriell ... YA Contemporary (ARC) Review to come
  • FULL SCOOP by Janet Evanovich ... Romantic Comedy  eh...an okay romance. light on the comedy. if you want a really fun ride, check her Stephanie Plum books.  They have Ranger (*sigh, swoon* Ranger)...oh, and Morelli, too.
So, what have you been reading lately, minions?  Anything you think I might enjoy?  Do share.


  1. If less reading gives you more time for writing, I say don't beat yourself up about less reading. :)

    And anyway, you read more in your "slacker" months than I do in my best months. ;)

  2. Yay for writing time!!! That makes two of us. I really haven't heard of many of these. I'll have to go through your recent reviews now, you beastie. Would love to re-read Divergent again, but I have so many other books on my re-read list. Hunger Games. Harry Potter. Raw Blue.

    btw - is it just me or is the prove you're not a robot getting harder these days?? Hmm...


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