Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It Must Be Tuesday Cuz This Is A Tease

So, long time, no tease, huh?  This little snip is from my soon-to-be (I hope **knocks on wood...snickers**) done work in progress, HATE CRIME.  Enjoy!

First official day of summer vacation. I’d spent the day over at Lila’s, helping her clean out her closet, and all I could think about was getting over to Alex’s, seeing him. I’d brushed it off as simply needing some guy time, hanging out with a friend who didn’t want to talk about clothes and shopping and girly stuff, but the truth was that I just wanted to be with him, even if all we did was watch movies and play video games. But, we didn’t do either of those things that night because he opened the door, holding a six pack of beer and wearing a wide, conspiratorial grin.

“Look what I found.” He lifted the beer, waved it. “Three for you, and three for me.”

His parents were gone, his mom away on business and his dad ‘working late’ (code for doing his secretary), so we’d had the house all to ourselves. We ended up out back, lounging by the pool, radio blaring, and nursing our beers.

After the first, I was feeling a little woozy. About halfway through the second, there were three Alex’s in front of me. Somehow, I rolled out of my lawn chair. Alex belted out a laugh and dove after me, landing in the soft grass to my right.

“Dude, you’re such a lightweight,” he’d guffawed in a loud voice, then burped.

“Disgusting,” I half-laughed, half-slurred.

“You’ve been spending too much time with Lila.” He took a swig from his bottle, then handed it to me. “Pretty soon, you’ll be turning into a girl.”

“Dick.” I swiped at the bottle, missed, and tried again.

“At least, I still have one. Any more time with her, and yours might fall off. Permanently.” He caught hold of my hand, shoved the bottle into it, and wrapped my fingers around it.

“As of right now, it’s still there, asshole.” I threw back a huge swallow and held it back out to him. “You wanna see for yourself?”

He sobered instantly, his eyes darkening. “Maybe, I do.”

Grabbing my arm, he pried the bottle from my fingers and chucked it over his shoulder. Suddenly, his hand curled around the back of my neck, his fingers sliding through the hair at the nape. His lips crashing into mine. Our chests pressing against each other. His other hand clasping my hip.

I’d been kissed before, had a girlfriend or two, but nothing, and I mean nothing, compared to this moment. The way his mouth moved with mine. The heat of his hands on my skin. The feel of him beneath my fingertips.

My mind reeled, spun out in a thousand different directions at once, especially as I realized I was clinging to him just as hard as he was holding onto me. I slid my hands up under his shirt, gliding them along the curve of his spine, relishing the way chapped lips, hot beer breath, and the feel of sharp bones and hard muscles revved me up a whole lot more than soft curves, lush lips, and sweet tasting tongues ever had. I surged up, my arms tightening around him, pulling him in as close as humanly possible, all the while deepening our kiss, forcing him to let me take the lead even though I was beneath him.

He moaned and burrowed deeper into me, all too willing to surrender full control over to me as to where we were going and just how fast we went. Then, my name slid off his lips, a low, needy rasp that at once inflamed my senses and shocked me with the intensity of ice being dumped down the back of my shirt.

“What. The. Hell?” This time, I pushed instead of pulled, anger and humiliation flooding through me. He’d kissed me! Kissed me like he’d planned to do it and not like it was some accident. Made me kiss him back. The asshole had taken advantage of my drunkenness. Bastard.

And then, my shoulder wrenched backward, my hand closing into a tight fist. A loud crack, and blood poured from Alex’s nose, a stunned look leaping onto his face.

I didn’t wait for him to tender an explanation, make any apologies. I pushed up to my feet, swayed a bit, and then staggered across the lawn. Alex called my name, shouting out for me to wait, but I didn’t once look back as I left the house.

Still, my lips continued to tingle for hours, days, weeks on after that, a cruel reminder that I’d liked that kiss a whole lot more than I wanted to admit to anyone, much less myself.

SOOOO...what do we think? More gay boys?  Yeah, I like them, too :)


  1. Oh, my! Not at all what I was expecting this fine Tuesday morning. *fans self* Very nicely executed.

    But the title of this WIP worries me...

  2. there's some serious swoon in there! but like linda said, the title makes me all sorts of anxious...


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