Wednesday, April 10, 2013


As you fun friends know, this girl *points at self* has had a book or two published.  The most recent of which being A SLIVER OF HOPE.
Isn't she purrdy?

Now, I want to do something fun with my FaceBook Author page and my Twitter background.  Instead of just making the cover photos that of the book cover (boring, I know), I thought it might be fun to put together a collage of sorts.  (and when I say that, I mean that Kelly Breakey will probs be doing all the heavy lifting as we all know I'm a complete lackwit when it comes to that kind of stuff).

Ahem.  Seems I've gotten off track.   Big shocker there, huh? ;)  Anywho...I'd love to make this a collage of YOU, the fans who've bought, read, enjoyed, and told others about me and my little SLIVER

So, send me your pictures, peeps.  Of you or my book or BOTH you and my book, out in the wild, roaming free.

Here are some examples of what I got when A&F broke free:
It could look like this:
Or, better: Like this!
Even better: THIS one came to me with the caption: YOU SUCK. MY FACE IS SOAKED

Post them to my FaceBook Author Page (while you're there, you could always hit the LIKE button, too.  #justsayin) or on the Twitter using the hashtags #FANtastic or #ASliverofHope or even just @ reply to me at @KarlaNellenbach

The contest will be open until May 5th (if you've already read SLIVER, you know what the significance of that day was in Hannah's life).  There will be a couple of different prizes handed out.  Most original (remember I'm a YAer, so try to keep things PG) photo, 100th photo posted, and one random entrant will each get an autographed copy of A SLIVER OF HOPE.

And, who knows? I might just add a few more prizes into the mix.  Happy photographing, folks!


  1. So you have more work for me? I can handle it. Does this mean I can't enter into the contest? No worries, I already have my copies of both of your books. Plus I am going to tweet about this and facebook it.

    You're welcome. I said. You're welcome.

  2. I will have to think of an especially, um, "fun" place to photograph your book... *puts on mischief cap*


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