Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Throwdown v. 3

Remember the old Spy vs. Spy comics (and later, the cartoons)?

This is how I feel at the moment with my WiPs.  I have two epic ideas battling away in my head.  One is my epic alien rebellion saga (the white spy) and the other is the mystery involving a hate crime (the black spy).  Both are uber-bright and shiny.  I just don't know which will come out the victor at the moment.

Oh, and did I mention the fun writing project I have going on with one of my critique partners? Yeah, that's just even more chaos in a mind already thrown into anarchy.

So, I'm beginning to look like this when I sit down at my computer to work...
Didn't know I had a beard, did ya?

Who do you think will come out the winner in this war of the WiPs? Only time will tell, I suppose..

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