Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Name is Tuesday, and I'm a TEASE

A little snip from my current WiP.  Enjoy :)

I arrive at the library just as they’re opening.  After returning Mark’s books, I plant myself at one of the open computers—Bravo and his students shouldn’t arrive for another hour, so they’re free for the minute—and begin my search.  It takes a whole lot longer than I’d imagined, but I find the specs I’m looking for and print out what I need.
While the printer hums away, I return to the search engine and type in the three words that have been haunting me for weeks.
Cole Michael Grant.
Pages upon pages of hits pop up and hope soars within me.  First, I’ll get a clear picture of what he looks like.  Then, I’ll find his address.  And, then…
The victorious smile I’d been wearing only moments ago, fails.  Other than the very first hit—the original article I’d found in the newspaper—nothing else is about him.  Not even a FaceBook page or a Twitter account. 
It’s like this kid doesn’t even exist.
Everything else that’s popped up is about coal mining, the fifty dollar bill and some TV show about two brothers who hunt demons, because apparently, they also have some kind of love-hate war thing going on with the Archangel Michael.
Dead end.
“Don’t tell me they’re regurgitating the angel storyline?  Again?” Bravo mutters in disgust from beside me.  “I liked that show better when no one believed in angels, and all anyone worried about was hunting demons.  Demons are badass.”
I look over at him, unable to figure out if he’s actually being serious.  “Are you sure you’re a genius?”
He shakes his head like he can’t believe I have to ask such a ludicrous question. 
“Don’t make me show you my MENSA card.  That’s just embarrassing for everyone.”
I quickly close out the search screen and turn to him.  “I don’t embarrass that easily.”
He stares at me for a long moment, then lets out a loud laugh.  “I like you, and I don’t like just anyone.”
“Better not let too many people hear you say that,” I tell him as I gather up the stack of books I needed to check out.  Good thing I’ve already read most of the books on the AP English summer reading list, or else I’d have to cram a whole summer’s worth of books into two weeks.  “Word might get back to Goldilocks that you’re cheating on him.  He seems like the jealous type.”
“Goldilocks, huh?”  He laughs as he plucks my stack of papers off the printer.  “That’s a good one.  What are you building, a bomb?”
“Yeah.”  This time, it’s me that laughs.  It comes out weird and high-pitched, a little half-hysterical, but if Bravo notices, he doesn’t say anything.  “If by bomb, you mean bicycle wheel.  And, not so much building one, but repairing a slightly broken one.  Then, yes, I’m building a bomb.”  

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