Monday, May 3, 2010

My Dream Man...I Am SO Cliche

So the adventurous, mad writer Remilda tagged me in the build a better boy blog chain! Yay! My two favorite things: Men and my blog! Here we go....

The Gutter Girls' rules are: We all have our favorite book boyfriends and now you have the chance to create one just for yourself and your fantasies! How do you play? Fill out the quiz below, post a picture of a sexy man and tag five (5) other book addicts to do the same.

1. Hair color and style: Hmm...Well, as the title says, I am the cliched woman. Yes, friends. I go for the tall dark and handsome type. **insert eye roll here** Dark, curls the color of strong coffee...**sigh** Pardon me while I swoon.

2. Eye color and facial features: Brown-eyed boys...YUM. And this is where I admit to a certain fondness for Asian men (just as long as they're taller than me)

3. Height and body type: I am 5'7" so they have to have an inch or three on me so I can wear heels...not too picky about body type. I love a man with some muscle but no roid junky either...really, just as long as they're comfortable with themselves. EEK! Now, I sound like one of those shrinks telling people that they must first love themselves before they can love anyone else.

4. Visible age: Not too particular. No one too young. They need to be able to buy their own booze, and no one so old that they need a walker to get around. Early to mid-thirties is just fine!

5. Human or other: Hmm...I'm thinking angel...not fallen though...yeah, angel or a demon that's got a heart.

6. Paranormal skills: Flying. We could travel the world without having to go through customs!

7. Habitat: Anywhere with indoor plumbing

8. Interests: He MUST like to read. That is non-negotiable. Must have an ecclectic love of music and movies as well...Must love dogs...hmm...that's about it.

9. Special Skills: Equally strange sense of humor to match my own. Plus, he has to have a high bulls**t tolerance in order to take on my nutty family ;)

And, here he is folks! You are welcome to drool. I know I am!

Now, according to the rules, I must tag five people to continue on the fun. And the lucky winners are: Liz, Annie, LynKay, Kate, and Bee


  1. I loved your post! It was hilarious.

  2. High bullshit tolerance is definitely a must, lol--as is a sense of humor! Yay John Cusack! :D

  3. LOL Loved this. And thanks for John! *steals him away*


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